Spencer Hawes Rumors

Hawes averaged 5.8 points and 3.5 rebounds in 17.5 minutes per game last season for the Clippers, his lowest totals all around since his rookie year. This summer, the Clippers traded Hawes and Matt Barnes to Charlotte for Lance Stephenson. “It looked like a good fit,” Hawes said, “but it didn’t end up that way. That’s the nature of the business.” The trade surprised Hawes, but he said it’s something he can’t take personally, despite leaving a city and people he liked.
The trade led to Hawes’ third straight season in a new location. The center has to do his best to get comfortable with new surroundings, which he said is another adjustment. “I’m trying to get in where I fit in,” Hawes said. “But finally my back is feeling better, so that’s nice and kind of hopefully be passed that. We’ve been struggling here lately, had a lot guys in and out of the lineup. Now, we’ve got some guys coming back and we’re playing the way we were playing earlier.”