Stan Van Gundy Rumors

Interim coach Tony Brown has filled in since Lionel Hollins’ firing, and assistant GM Frank Zanin is the man to execute any moves — for now. But the Nets will need to fill both spots permanently, and Van Gundy — whose Pistons edged the Nets on Monday, 105-100 — said it’s nonsensical to hire the coach first. “I don’t think you can hire — if you’re going to hire two people, you can’t hire the employee before the boss. That just doesn’t make any sense to me,’’ said Van Gundy, who is the Pistons’ coach and president. “And that’s immediately going to create tension, right there, [that] the guy that’s your boss — that you report to — didn’t hire you. “I mean, we see it in college coaching all the time. It’s tenuous, anyway, but if you were there before and there’s a new AD coming in, good luck to you. The guy’s looking for the first sign [to fire you]. Whereas if the guy hires you, he’s got a little more tendency to give you the benefit of the doubt because it reflects upon him. So if you’re going to hire two, to me you’ve got to hire the GM first. He’s got to have say in who he has as a coach.’’
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