Stan Van Gundy Rumors

Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy, who is supportive of athletes who choose to kneel during the anthem, wasn’t surprised when Gores clearly stated his position earlier this week. “Tom probably has as much feeling for this country being a great country as anyone,” Van Gundy said. “His family’s immigrant experience here was outstanding and as a result of that, Tom has a great feeling about the country and believes in honoring the country. “But Tom also knows that one of the things that’s great about this country, one of the things that he respects about the country, is the right of free speech.”
“I thought that one of the things the military is fighting for is the American way of life and our values, which I think starts with freedom of speech,” Van Gundy said. “Our country was founded on protest. Otherwise, we would still be a colony of England. You would think people would appreciate non-violent protests that will be made. If you don’t stand for freedom of speech and you don’t think those players have the right to freedom of speech, what American values are you for?”

“Do I feel good about the model? I feel good about the model,” Gores said. “Stan has a lot of support around him, whether it’s (general manager) Jeff Bower, and then he has support that probably (media) don’t even know about. He has a lot of support. So, I believe in the model. We’re seeing this through, absolutely.”