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Gasol, who will spend next season in San Antonio and hasn’t committed to playing at Tokyo in 2020, and his teammates celebrated by piling on top of each other near center court. This wasn’t the medal they wanted, but after losing their first two games in Brazil, it beats nothing. “Unbelievable,” said Rudy Fernandez. “It’s an amazing feeling. We played very bad at first in the tournament, but we just continued to play hard and with a medal, it’s unbelievable.”
He is the Olympics’ all-time leading scorer (1,093 points), the leader for most points at one Olympics (338 at the 1988 Seoul Olympics) and has four of the top-five highest single-game scoring records – 55 against Spain, 46 against the Soviet Union, 46 and against Puerto Rico in 1988 and 45 against Puerto Rico in 1996 when he was 38 years old. In 1988, he averaged 42.2 points in eight games. All that scoring earned him the nickname Mao Santa – Holy Hand. “Because I played too much,” Schmidt said when asked to explain his scoring.
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At just 5-foot-9, what Isaiah Thomas may lack in height, he makes up for in confidence. In fact, the Celtics’ point guard is so confident that he not only suggests the Celtics will be one of the best teams in the league next season but he is also quite certain that he’s among the best point guards in the NBA. “All I’m going to say is men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.” Thomas told’s Amanda Pflugrad when asked about his rank among other guards. “My numbers stack up against all those other guys, those other top superstar guys, I guess you’d say. At the end of the day, I’m just going to continue to work and continue to show that I’m just as good as any other point guard in the NBA.”