Stephen Silas Rumors

Clifford has been out since early December with an undisclosed medical condition. In his absence, associate head coach Stephen Silas has been in charge of the team. Clifford has been going through a battery of medical tests, and received clearance Thursday to go back to work, a team source told the Observer. Clifford is expected to return for practice at Spectrum Center Tuesday in preparation for the Wednesday home game against the Wizards.
They’ve granted me access to [Hornets assistant coach] Stephen Silas while the team prepares for a mid-November game against the Celtics. I’ll be with him from shootaround through pregame and postgame, with a film session sandwiched in the middle, to document the largely opaque daily world of an NBA assistant coach. His boss, Hornets head coach Steve Clifford, shrugged when I thanked him for agreeing to the project. He knows what it’s like to toil in anonymity. Silas, frankly, doesn’t need the extra publicity. He has interviewed for the head jobs in Charlotte and Houston and annually shows up on lists of up-and-coming coaching candidates. If Silas is unknown to the general public, he’s practically family within the larger NBA ecosystem. He worked with the retired players’ association after graduating from Brown with a double major in sociology and management. Later, he cut his teeth as an advance scout working both the college and the pro circuit, where he first met Clifford almost 20 years ago.