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Me: To be continued. But do you feel his intensity, for good and bad? You know he’ll spend whatever it takes, but he wants results, too. DeAndre Jordan: Yeah, he’s an intense guy, man. I love that about him. And when you have an owner who really loves the game and cares about the players and the staff and the organization and how we do, it’s great. You want to play for a guy like that, especially when he’s sitting 10 feet away from you and screaming ‘defense! Let’s go!’ And when there’s a great play, not a lot of owners are standing up and pumping their fists and screaming the entire game. When you’ve got somebody that like, it ups your intensity. It’s cool, man. I’m glad he’s here.

Chris Paul wants max?

Steve Ballmer, L.A.’s moneybags owner, has already said he’ll pay the cost. Maxing out Griffin is a no-brainer, and the team expects Paul to demand the full five-year max (or whatever the longest possible deal ends up being in the revised collective bargaining agreement) to stick around, per several league sources. That would take him well past age 35. Gulp. Suitors will line up for Redick.
3 months ago via ESPN
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The Clippers’ lease at Staples Center ends in 2024, and owner Steve Ballmer has vowed to explore alternatives. The organization has taken preliminary steps toward the splashiest alternative – owning and operating its own arena in the Los Angeles area. The organization has interest in at least three areas – the Westside of Los Angeles, Inglewood near the new home of the Rams and downtown Los Angeles.
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