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Jeff Hornacek’s contract is up after the 2018-19 season, and Perry has said that he and Mills will evaluate Hornacek — and all other aspects of the organization — after the season. Hornacek was hired by former Knicks president Phil Jackson, so it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if Hornacek is let go by the club’s new management after this season. […] Some players have privately grumbled about Hornacek’s rotations, according to sources familiar with the matter, but Hornacek was given the freedom to run his own offense and was handed an imbalanced roster and tasked with trying to fight for a playoff spot while developing young players.
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Luka Doncic is the perfect versatile wing Knicks president Steve Mills craves. The 18-year-old is averaging 15 points in 23 minutes. “I played with him — he’s really a talented guy,’’ Willy Hernangomez said after a rare 18-minute outing in Golden State on Tuesday. “I think people in The States don’t understand how difficult it is to play in European League when you’re 19 years old and playing against 30-year-olds and be the best. Most of the players in college won’t do as well as he is doing in Europe. For him, he’s a top three in the draft this year. He’s my friend. I have a great relationship with him.” “He’s a 2, 3, he can play point guard and he’s really smart, talented,’’ Hernangomez said. “He can shoot. He will really improve because he’s a kid. If you know Petrovic, he was amazing. He’s kind of a player like him. All the European guys in the NBA are excited for him to play here.’’
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As speculation about Jeff Hornacek’s job security ramps up, the coach said that he shouldn’t be judged on the team’s recent skid because these growing pains were part of a plan dictated by the front office. Jeff Hornacek also believes he has the backing of GM Scott Perry and president Steve Mills, despite being inherited by them as Phil Jackson’s hire. “We were talking about rebuilding and we got off to a good start because we had a lot of home games,” Hornacek said. “Scott and Steve, everybody’s still on the same page of trying to get our young guys opportunities. We’re still trying to win games. We still want to establish an identity where defensively we’re going to get after it all the time and we’re building toward that. It’s great to have their support.”
The Knicks management was presented with a challenge in trading Carmelo Anthony. He clearly had reached a point of no return, but his no-trade clause gave Scott Perry and Steve Mills few options. In retrospect, it’s hard to imagine them coming up with a more successful return than they got from Oklahoma City, landing Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott as well as the second-round pick of the Bulls, which right now sits at No. 31, just outside of the first round. “I’ve been very pleased with the additions of both Enes and McDermott,” Perry said. “I think Enes has come in and he’s quickly becoming a crowd favorite for the people of New York. He brings a toughness, he brings a commitment to team. I think he’s complementing K.P. very well. He’s relentless on the boards, adds a little edge and toughness to our basketball team. And Doug McDermott is a consummate professional. He continues to get better. He gives us someone who can stretch the defense because he can shoot three-point shots. I think he’s done even better on the defensive end than I think most people have thought. And that’s been a pleasure to see. Both of those guys have been about enhancing the type of culture that we want to have here. So I’ve definitely been pleased with both of them.”
They’ve done it with a new administration led by president Steve Mills and general manager Scott Perry. They were not team owner James Dolan’s first choice. Dolan had one of his most trusted allies, entertainment executive Irving Azoff, talk to Jerry West to see if the NBA legend wanted to take over for Jackson last June, league sources with knowledge of the discussions told Sporting News.
Storyline: Knicks Front Office