Steve Pagliuca Rumors

“He is a very smart, cerebral person. He is very mature, even for 25, he is very mature,” said Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca, following Irving’s introductory news conference Sept. 1. “He really wants to maximize his abilities. He is a hard worker in basketball. He is a hard worker in life. I would say he is kind of a renaissance man. It’s going to be very exciting to have him around here.”
Robb: You’re a Duke guy and Kyrie Irving is coming in. How exciting is that for you? Steve Pagliuca: It’s very exciting. He’s a great player. We lost a couple of great players as well. As Danny (Ainge) said, it was an emotional day for us yesterday because Isaiah is a great player and Crowder is a great player. We love those guys, but Kyrie is a very special athlete and a great person. I know him personally from Duke.
Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca said that Paul Pierce’s No. 34 will be retired this upcoming season. “It’s going to be fantastic,” Pagliuca said. “For our era, the most recent era, he embodied the Celtics’ leadership, the Celtics’ brand and was the MVP of the championship team. So it’s going to be fantastic to see that happen.”
Storyline: Paul Pierce Retirement