Summer League Rumors

We caught up with a league scout to get his views on the 10 rookies who made the biggest marks on Summer League this year — what he loved about their performance, and what he didn’t love so much. Lonzo Ball, Lakers. Didn’t love: “Defenses I saw were making things a little too easy on him. You can go under the screen on him, but you still have to pick him up aggressively on the other side. NBA defenses are going to be a lot more aware of his deep passes, too. I don’t know how often he will be able to throw those 50-footers. So he will have a lot to learn against better defenders, but so far so good with him.”
We talked to Silver — one of the coolest guys in all of sports — about all the talk surrounding the Ball family … and he says he likes what he sees from the Summer League MVP so far. There’s more … Silver also says he’s a big fan of Ice Cube’s BIG3 league and suggests there might be a way for the two leagues to work together in the future. Cool, right?
“I am a little surprised by the growth in interest, specifically in free agency and the Las Vegas Summer League, but it’s really just an extension of the remarkable growth in interest in the NBA we’ve seen over the last decade,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wrote in an email interview Wednesday. “The whole game experience has never been more compelling or entertaining, and each summer a fresh set of story lines emerge that keep our fans engaged.”
“Nothing extraordinary happens without a harmonic convergence of a lot of things out there, and usually it’s how you harness those different areas,” LeGarie said of the event, which set a record in attendance of 127,843 this month. “Don’t forget, when summer leagues started, it was mostly seen as a necessary evil, and most players saw it as some kind of a punishment when you played in them. There was some stigma in being a summer league player.”