Sydney Kings Rumors

Before Christmas, Childress was in great form and put himself in contention for the NBL’s most valuable player award. Childress has enjoyed his time in Sydney and is interested in helping the Kings improve next season. “We’re talking about it,” he confirmed yesterday. “The injury is unfortunate and fortunate. I have a lot more downtime now to go through a contract with the Kings and my agent and find out if we can reach an agreement that’s good for both sides.”
via Daily Telegraph
Meanwhile, NBL team the Sydney Kings have revealed they binned an offer from Khloe’s husband to play for the team tonight. LA Lakers star forward Lamar Odom, sidelined by the NBA lockout and tagging along with his wife and sister-in-law, approached Kings club management about appearing on a one-off “import” basis – but was knocked back in favour of local players. “We thought the offer was more sideshow than substance,” Kings spokesman David Wolf said. “We invited him to the game and there’s always room in The Kingdome for the Kardashian entourage … but to sideline a local player wasn’t going to work.”
via Daily Telegraph
Former Sydney Kings owner and one-time basketball supremo Bob Turner who, until recently, had been working with an Australian promoter to bring James out to tour Australia said he’d heard about other “potential tours”. “I heard this latest one (rumour) this morning, so who knows?” said Turner. Turner said insuring marquee players like James and Bryant was “pricey” but could be done. “If you play in big enough venues and charge the right prices, you can make it work.”
via Brisbane Times