Tad Brown Rumors

“Certainly when Moses passed away Leslie and I had a conversation immediately about just how tragic and how fleeting everything is, and we wanted to make sure we were doing what we could to help,” said Rockets CEO Tad Brown of the conversation of he had with Rockets owner Leslie Alexander. “I think the great thing about the partners we had, Leslie recognized immediately is there something we can do, we feel an obligation to help and do what we can and we have great partners in Memorial.”
The China connection: Players looking to expand their personal brand in the world’s largest country are well aware that the Rockets have had a corner on that market since the days of Yao Ming. “We’re basically the de-facto national team of China,” said Rockets CEO Tad Brown, who oversees that aspect of their operation. “People throughout Asia love our team. That started with Yao, and it continued with the great players that we’ve had. Every one of our games is broadcast in China and throughout Asia. We deliver a reach that is greater than any other team in the NBA, on a global scale.”