Tad Brown Rumors

That likely will be only the start. Morey disputed the depiction of the Rockets’ chemistry problems, saying that they were no greater than is typical when teams play badly and that the chemistry was no worse this season than it was good with the same players last season. But anyone privy to all those team meetings could describe dysfunction that will have to be addressed. Next season’s coach will have to demand or inspire that kind of change and likely will have to convince Morey, Rockets owner Leslie Alexander and CEO Tad Brown that he can turn the Rockets into a team built to win in the postseason.
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Barkley had also complained that owner Leslie Alexander underpaid him during his tenure with the Rockets. He has said the Rockets owed him $5 million. He said Sunday they owe him $3 million. Meanwhile, he referred to Brown as “Toad Smith” and Morey as “Daryl Moronic.” “I want to apologize to the Houston Rockets,” Barkley said on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Inside ‘The NBA.” “I overacted to two tweets. I said something I shouldn’t say. So I want to apologize to Daryl Morey. And I want to apologize to Tad Brown, the CEO, for overreacting. I want to apologize to Les Alexander.
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Rockets CEO Tad Brown said his tweet on Thursday, responding to TNT analyst Charles Barkley accusing his former team of “fake hustle,” was an effort to stand up for his players. A frequent critic of the Rockets, Barkley inspired Brown’s response with his comment at halftime in Game 3 when he guaranteed the Rockets would lose by 10.