Tanking Rumors

Pat Riley is thinking outside the box – way outside the box – when it comes to tanking. Riley recently was asked about seeding teams 1 through 16, regardless of conference, for the postseason, an idea that has been floated because the number of stacked teams in the West has caused an imbalance between the two conferences. “One through 16, whatever they want do to with that, yes,” he said. “It’s workable.”
“Resting players at the end of the year, for the right reasons, if you’re a playoff team and you know you made the playoffs, and you’re going to rest your guys, I understand that. I get that,” he said. “But if you’re a lottery (team) and you’re going to be resting players, we all know what that’s about,” he said. “I’ve done it. We’ve all tried to do it to get the best position that we can get from that standpoint. So you just want to make it as competitive as you can.”