Technology Rumors

The Warriors’ app bills itself as a way for fans to keep track of scores and stats. But while fans were watching the game, the app was watching them, fan LaTisha Satchell claims in a lawsuit. One of the app’s promotional tools allegedly turns a user’s phone microphone on and keeps it on, recording everything within earshot and relaying data back to the Warriors and a tech company, possibly in violation of wiretap laws.
If the NBA and the player’s association can come to an agreement on wearable use during games, then the NBA would cross-reference motion data with optical tracking data to know with “absolute certainty” where the player and ball are on the court, according to Hellmuth. “Once we have motion capture, then we actually know the hands, arms, legs, feet positioning,” he said. It’s “kind of the last piece in really allowing a computer to understand the game of basketball.”