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“The fans are going to want to see be able to see what they want to see, when they want to see it and on any device they want to see it on,” he said. Stern believes viewers will favor streaming services and virtual reality, with output from wearable technology to provide statistical data to augment what they’re watching. So this week he and a group of partners that includes Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim announced the launch of SportsCastr.Live , a streaming platform that allows users to be color commentators and to select which sportscaster they wish to have call, recap or make predictions on a game.
The Bay Bridge is the link between Oakland, California, where one of the NBA’s top teams plays ball, and San Francisco, a hub of the tech world. Over the last four years, Iguodala has connected both worlds. Part of it started while he was playing for the Denver Nuggets. Sitting courtside at the games were the same tech execs he’d read about on the internet. “You meet some people good and bad. You meet the wrong people but it teaches you a lesson,” he said. “You meet the right people and you try to listen to their advice and take what they have to say close to heart and work as hard as possible at that and try to build on it.”
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To activate the Philips Hue lighting for all Warriors games, fans download the team’s mobile app, turn on the Philips Hue connected lighting system and follow a quick step-by-step guide. Lights flash at the start of every game while at the end of each win, lights will again illuminate the room. Warriors fans can also utilize the Philips Hue app as well to shine their lights to blue and gold during games. Additionally, the lighting system can also connect to fans’ favorite apps via IFTTT and automatically trigger certain actions.