Technology Rumors

Steve Ballmer: “What if when people are at home watching on television, or the internet … what if we can actually diagram what play is going on because we can recognize it in real time? What if we can flash your fantasy points right on your player so you could see what that was worth to you? What if we could show the probability of a shot going in? What if we can synthesize the view from a player’s perspective? What if you’re at home and you say, ‘I want to see the game the way Chris Paul sees the game?’ The software will be able to do that.”
Cuban was out in NYC when our photog asked him a question that is strangely intriguing when you think about it … how does Cuban shop for groceries. If you think he grabs his basket and heads to Albertson’s you’re wrong … but if you think he doesn’t do his own shopping, you’re also wrong. Here’s a hint … he’s making a guy richer than him even richer.