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According to Dr. Elliott, it’s important for P3 to gather data for their athletes at a young age to establish a baseline and help assist with injury prevention. Adidas Nations, a program focused on developing some of the best young basketball stars in the country, has seen the value in bringing their athletes to P3. Because of their work with adidas Nations, P3 has begun gathering data for some of the country’s most talented 16, 17 and 18-year-old basketball players as they prepare for a potential career in the Association down the road. “In general, the ability to test players at a young age is really the key here,” Elliott says. “We have a lot of top-tier players coming in and we’re identifying movement patterns that relate to certain injuries. For young athletes, we can tell them, ‘Hey if you move this way, you’re going to wear out the cartilage in your knee,’ but with veteran players, we’ll find out that their cartilage is already gone.”
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For a team like the Timberwolves that has already seen P3’s work with Wiggins, LaVine and Anthony Bennett, seeing that kind of improvement from Okafor could make him an even more appealing potential No. 1 pick. While other leagues are staying at arm’s length from P3, the NBA has fully embraced P3’s data-driven performance training. According to Dr. Elliott, players will soon begin to receive their personalized data throughout their careers so they can better understand their own bodies. “If we can track the data for every player in the NBA throughout their careers,” said Elliott. “Then the Association will be two steps ahead of every other professional sports league from an athletic standpoint.”
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The Kings also are looking into expanded Wi-Fi offerings that aren’t even scheduled for limited release until 2016, according to Miller. The new arena is slated to open in October 2016. The new arena is slated to open in October 2016. Other new technology that is being reviewed relates to sound, seat comfort, fabrics, traffic, parking, loyalty and beacon technology. The Kings will be testing some new technology in limited pockets of Sleep Train Arena this season in order to “work out the kinks for the new arena.”
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