Terry Stotts Rumors

After the win over Brooklyn, Terry Stotts said he made the change to add outside shooting to the starting lineup, but Pat Connaughton has provided much more. “I think he’s done well,” Stotts said Monday. “He plays with a lot of confidence and he’s a very smart player. I think, offensively, it goes beyond making shots. He makes hard cuts, he makes team plays. … His role is to be a role player. He complements the players he’s out there with. He did that when he was coming off the bench and he’s doing that as a starter. He doesn’t make many mistakes. So, to me, it’s a perfect role for him right now.”
“Everybody that has somethin (sic) to say about coach Stotts doesn’t know a damn thing about what it takes to win a close game,” Lillard wrote. “Players have to play and get the job done. Our coaches put us in position to do what we need to do and we just got to get it done. We’re 8-7 and should prob (sic) be 12-3 or 11-4 but all things considered we will find it and as always get it done. Smh [shaking my head].”
After the home rematch against the Kings on Saturday night, Lillard explained why he chose to jump into the social media fray. “Because people think they know more about what it takes to get things done at this level … For our team than they actually do,” he said. “We’re in this position for a reason. And coach Stotts had two 50-win seasons here and four straight years in the playoffs for a reason –because he knows what he’s doing. They mention … our record is 8-7 and we’re having breakdowns late in games. Well those breakdowns are a missed shot here, a turnover there, a defensive breakdown here, giving up extra possessions, missed free throws. It’s things that players control. If we were down 30 every game, that’s different. But we’re in position to win games. And when it’s time to win games, that’s the players’ job.
In each of the Portland Trail Blazers’ last two games, backup center Ed Davis has earned the fourth quarter minutes over Nurkic, finishing out close losses to Memphis and Brooklyn. Nurkic said he spoke with Blazers coach Terry Stotts and there is no brewing conflict between Portland’s young center and the head coach. “I respect coach’s decision,” said Nurkic, who scored 21 points against Brooklyn despite only playing for 53 seconds in the fourth quarter. “And to be honest, I never have a better coach than Stotts. So, there’s (not) anything wrong.”