Tim Connelly Rumors

Q: Does this team have a star, or do the Nuggets need one? Tim Connelly: No, at this point, you can’t say we have anyone on the team that is a star. We have guys who are trending that way. I think Gallinari, with more team success, would have been an All-Star this year. I’m so proud of how he bounced back from a major injury. He’s fully back, back better than ever. You’d be hard-pressed to find 10 tougher offensive matchups in the NBA. So I think internal improvement is always the first and most preferable course of action. Certainly we’re always looking for ways to better our roster. If during the course of conversations we can get a guy we deem a superstar, a top 15-20 player, we’ll be aggressive in doing so.
On how much the expected huge boost in the salary cap will help: Tim Connelly: It’s a blessing and a curse, because while it goes up so much more teams have a lot of money to spend. If we had the same amount a couple of years ago, we’d be one of one. This summer you’ll see a free agent market frenzy that we’ve never seen before. We’re dealing with new salary cap realities. So, the best laid plans go out the window. So, it will be fascinating. We’re one of numerous teams that have money to spend. Hopefully, what’s unique to our situation is we have a fairly full roster as-is. So we’ll be very specific on where we’ll be aggressive, and we won’t spend just to spend.
Miller is often seen talking with coach Michael Malone and has a long-standing relationship with GM Tim Connelly. Miller’s only averaging eight minutes per game in just 40 contests this year as the Nuggets focus on developing their young talent, but his enthusiasm on the bench is infectious. As for whether or not Miller is looking to join a coaching staff when he does decide to retire, it’s definitely something he’s interested in. “It’s something I’ve looked at. There are some things I think I can add, but right now I’m just happy to be around the guys and I think my voice has more impact in the locker room.