Tim Donaghy Rumors

Ex-NBA ref Tim Donaghy tells TMZ Sports he owes his life to the leader of a white prison gang … saying he would’ve been murdered behind bars if not for their protection. Donaghy was infamously sentenced to 15 months of hard time back in ’08 for his role in an NBA gambling scandal. While locked up, the ex-ref says he was brutally attacked by a fellow inmate. “I was a target. There was a guy who took a paint roller extension pole and blasted me in the knee a few times,” Donaghy tells TMZ Sports. “I had to have surgery to relieve the pain when I got out of prison.”
Donaghy says the white gang wanted to initiate him with a prison tattoo — involving a pin and ink from a pen — but he managed to talk the guys into “option #2” … a shaved head. “It was a matter of me surviving, and getting the f**k outta there” … Donaghy says. T.D. says he owes his life to one of the leaders … a guy nicknamed “St. Pete” … “Thank God I teamed up with him. He saved my life. There’s no doubt about it, I never would’ve survived if it weren’t for St. Pete.”
Flagg responded to the tweet by doing an interview on a Dallas radio show, then reaching out and telling me of Cuban, “He called. I don’t lie.” Flagg called into my Portland radio show (Line 1) and re-told the story, indicating that their discussion was prior to the publication of Tim Donaghy’s book. Flagg said Cuban asked, “What’s in the book?” Flagg said that he spoke with Cuban about the 2006 Finals, and that he told him to sue the NBA. Flagg said he agreed with Cuban that he was not paid for his advice.
Flagg was later hired by the Donaghy defense team to run an independent investigation of the league’s officiating. He said the NBA’s refusal to release its internal investigation during Donaghy’s prosecution in 2008 still troubles him. “They wanted this thing to be closed,” Flagg said, “and their story was that Tim was the only bad apple. I’ve never seen a cooperating witness so hammered and badgered. It was because the NBA was running the thing. “I would like to see if (the NBA) did what it did a few years earlier when the refs were picked up for selling their first-class airline tickets. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I’ll bet they did. In that case, they (turned the officials against each other using the threat of termination). They said, ‘If you want to work, tell us what happened.’ If that Donaghy internal investigation ever gets leaked, it’s going to be like the performance-enhancing drug investigation in baseball.”
Donaghy, who was excommunicated by the league after his conviction for wire fraud and transmitting betting information about games,then contacted the News and fired back with charges of hypocrisy. “I laugh at the idea that the NBA conveniently uses my felony conviction to routinely dismiss me,” Donagy said. “The NBA need look no further than some of the men on their own payroll to find felons. In fact, Don Vaden, the current Director of Officials, is a fine example (Vaden was one of eight referees charged with tax evasion in 1998 for downgrading first-grade plane tickets and not reporting the refunded money. He was found guilty and served six months’ of home confinement and two years of probation.).