Tom Brady Rumors

Without hesitation, the former Butler University standout responded with, “Aaron Rodgers. Can’t stand Tom Brady.” Although his answer will likely make Boston sports fans’ blood boil, they can take solace in his explanation for the choice. “I’m a Colts fan. I can’t stand him just because he plays for the Patriots,” Hayward noted. “I think he’s a good quarterback. It’s just loyalty.”
LeBron wasn’t having it. Though he did acknowledge Brady’s greatness, calling him the greatest QB of all-time, James explained why he can’t be considered the greatest athlete of all-time: “[Football players] only have to play one side of the floor, man. Yes, Brady is unbelievable. Brady is the greatest quarterback I’ve ever seen. But he affects the game one way. And that’s by throwing the ball. And it’s great. And it’s great. He could play 22 years, but he don’t have to worry about certain things like a basketball player.”