Tom Brady Rumors

LeBron wasn’t having it. Though he did acknowledge Brady’s greatness, calling him the greatest QB of all-time, James explained why he can’t be considered the greatest athlete of all-time: “[Football players] only have to play one side of the floor, man. Yes, Brady is unbelievable. Brady is the greatest quarterback I’ve ever seen. But he affects the game one way. And that’s by throwing the ball. And it’s great. And it’s great. He could play 22 years, but he don’t have to worry about certain things like a basketball player.”
Tom Brady, who led the Patriots to the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history in February, hoped to spread that magic to his basketball brothers. The Patriots quarterback reached out to the Celtics via Instagram yesterday, posting, along with a photo of Thomas and Bradley embracing at midcourt, the following message: “It’s how you come back… Good luck tonight. We all have your back! #YourTurn” Brady met Thomas, Crowder and Kelly Olynyk last summer, and joined them and Celtics management at the now famous Hamptons summit courting then free agent Kevin Durant.
“Keep believing. With the Patriots and our team, we have greats. Having LeBron James on your team, Kyrie [Irving], who is great, and then having a Tom Brady and one of the best coaches of all time in all sports [Bill Belichick], you just got to have that belief. And when you have someone to will you home and will you all the way in, it’s tough to beat. And that’s what they did last night,” Lue said Monday morning before his team’s shootaround in preparation for their game against the Washington Wizards.
5 months ago via ESPN
Asked to compare himself to Brady, with whom James said there is a “mutual respect,” he said: “I’m not really in that mindframe right now to talk about the traits that I see. “I just see greatness in Brady,” James said. “He’s very calm. He’s very calm, no matter the situation, no matter the situation, no matter what was going on throughout the game. He’s just very calm. Worrying about what the next play was, worrying about making the next completion. Just keeping his guys mentally focused on the job at hand. You’ve got to have that.