Tom Gores Rumors

The Detroit Pistons and LA Clippers, for different reasons, went out on a ledge last Monday, then jumped, taking the proverbial leap of faith that what they’d just done would ultimately work out. But both, stuck in NBA limbo, are gambling — gambling the jobs of those who worked out the deal, gambling the futures of the players that remain on their respective teams after. The only person who was sitting pretty after it was all done was the centerpiece of the deal. Blake Griffin will get the $140 million coming to him through 2022 regardless. Now it’s just coming out of Pistons owner Tom Gores’ pocket, rather than Steve Ballmer’s. (And, Griffin will have to have some clothes sent to Detroit. Other than that … he’s good.)
People throughout the league had indicated just after the New Year that the Clippers were making Blake Griffin available in potential trade scenarios. But this specific deal didn’t come to fruition until near the end of the month. And Gores didn’t hesitate when the proposed deal was put on his table. “Don’t really want to get into internal discussions,” Stan Van Gundy said, “but it didn’t take much selling. Tom was all for it.” Said Tom Gores: “I was involved from the beginning of the discussions. Once we realized this was a real deal, that it was a real opportunity, I told our guys we should get it done. Keep our young guys, keep some flexibility, but get it done.”
If he’d been a free agent in 2017 and it would have cost the Pistons Harris and Bradley to sign him, no one would have thought twice about it. He’s a superstar, and the Pistons, as much as they try to promote All-Star Andre Drummond, don’t have one. “We’re serious about winning and we’re not afraid to make a bold move and seize the opportunity,” Gores said via e-mail Sunday night. “Chances like this don’t come along very often. The move is not without risk and we gave up a lot to get him. We know that basketball is a game full of risk, but it was really clear that he is worth it.”
Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores called his team’s acquisition of Blake Griffin a “franchise-changing move,” and two days after the blockbuster trade said it’s still “shocking” they have him. “I think we need a player the level of Blake,” Gores said. “You see it around the league. As much as Stan (Van Gundy, coach and president of basketball operations) and Jeff (Bower, general manager) do a good job piecing together players and roles, you’re probably going to need a couple players like that. “We didn’t go searching with that philosophy necessarily, but it did come to us and we just couldn’t not look at a guy like Blake, who can really change your franchise. … The elite teams have a few Blakes.”
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