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The Detroit Pistons announced today that the club will honor and retire jerseys for Ben Wallace and Chauncey Billups during the 2015-16 season. Wallace will be honored during a halftime ceremony on Saturday, January 16 at 7:30 p.m. when the Pistons host the Golden State Warriors at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Billups will be honored during a halftime ceremony on Wednesday, February 10 at 7:30 p.m. when Detroit squares off against the Denver Nuggets at The Palace. “Our franchise has an extraordinary history and it’s important that we recognize the players who not only achieved great things, but also helped define what it means to be a Piston,” said Pistons Owner Tom Gores. “Chauncey Billups and Ben Wallace are legends in Detroit and we are excited to honor their success.”
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Gores said Wallace and Billups both embodied the spirit and determination of the Detroit community. “While we celebrate their individual accomplishments, it was their selflessness that helped make them so special,” said Gores. “They showed up every day willing to work and sacrifice for the good of the team. They put winning above all else and in the process inspired a generation of Pistons fans.”
Van Gundy was asked to describe the profile of front-office personnel the Pistons’ employ. “You gotta have people with strong opinions who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions, and you gotta create habits where everybody knows that’s what you want and that’s what’s expected,” he said. “It’s not just front office. It’s coaching staff and everything else. “We certainly don’t have a problem with that. We have a lot of people willing to disagree, which I think is a good thing.”
The Palace of Auburn Hills is one of two National Basketball Association arenas without a corporate sponsorship reflected in its title, but the Detroit Pistons are open to the idea of leaving New York’s Madison Square Garden alone in that regard. Pistons owner Tom Gores said as much Saturday, at halftime of his team’s 101-96 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. “If somebody believes in us, then we’ll do it,” Gores said. “I wouldn’t say it’s a priority. I think it would be nice to have partners that believe in us and believe in Detroit.”
Jackson said the two spoke privately about the decision, made by Drummond in lockstep with his agent, Jeff Schwartz, and Pistons owner Tom Gores, and called it a big one for his future. “It’s a mature move either way,” Jackson said. “Whatever he decides is what he decides. I just would love to know that I have this guy with me during my tenure being here, wearing this red and blue. I just want what’s best for Andre. I want what’s best for his career. I definitely want him to be here and I want to make a lot of memories and a lot of highlights in the Palace and bring back this city.”
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