Tom Thibodeau Rumors

Thibodeau attributed the struggles to the team’s youth, injuries to LaVine and Nemanja Bjelica and his focus on immersing Towns and Wiggins in his system to prioritize laying the foundation for long-term success over winning games in the short term. “It has to start with Karl and Wigg in that they have to make the commitment,” Thibodeau said. “In order to get all the things that they want to achieve, it has to start with them.”
If the Timberwolves plan on ending a playoff drought that spans 13 seasons and nine coaching changes, they better figure out how to perform late in close games. “That’s what we have to learn,” Thibodeau said. “We’re up, there’s 44 seconds to go, you don’t want to beat yourself, so you have to be disciplined. You don’t trick people. You just have to be sound. We don’t need crazy shots. We don’t need gambles. All you have to do is be solid and disciplined and do your job. If you do that, then you give yourself a good chance to win.”
3 weeks ago via ESPN