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Rivers’ losing his front office duties isn’t so much an indictment of his individual fitness for the duties, but the fact that it is suited for no one coach in this modern era. For everyone trying to replicate the San Antonio dynasty, understand this: The Spurs have the greatest coach (Gregg Popovich) and greatest executive (RC Buford) of a generation. As much as it’s the ultimate model, it’s the ultimate aberration too. Popovich defers to Buford’s expertise and judgment, in ways that Minnesota president and coach Tom Thibodeau will likely never do with a GM.
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Jamal Crawford: Once I decided that this was it, I felt really, really good about my decision. It’s funny because I told my agent and sent Thibs a text saying, “Hey, you got No. 11 ready for me?” I’m not sure if he received the text or if he knew what I meant, but I sent that and went to go play in my Pro-Am game. Well, my agent called me and was calling people in the gym saying, “Get Jamal off the court! He has to formally let them know he’s coming!” So I had to run off the court during my Summer League game, call Thibs and then run back to finish the game. It’s funny, I wasn’t playing well before talking to Thibs, but then I had a really good game once I got back from calling him. We ended up winning, which was pretty cool.
Timberwolves President of Basketball Operation and Head Coach Tom Thibodeau: “We are deeply saddened by the news of John’s passing. He was an all-time great, Hall of Fame NBA coach. He had a very profound impact on the NBA, coaching and the overall game by winning six league championships, including four NBA Championships in five years with the Minneapolis Lakers. All of the members of the Timberwolves and NBA family are mourning his loss and we would like to send our heartfelt condolences to the entire Kundla family.”
Wiggins is eligible to sign one of two five-year maximum “designated” extensions the Wolves are allowed by the league’s new labor agreement for players on their rookie contracts. The Wolves have until October to complete a negotiation that shouldn’t take all that much negotiating if Wiggins accepts a contract that’s expected to approach $150 million. “We’re working on it right now,” Wolves coach/president of basketball operations Tom Thibodeau said Wednesday.
But Tom Thibodeau, the Timberwolves coach and president of basketball operations, said Minnesota will only look to sign three more players to traditional deals, leaving Minnesota’s 15th roster spot open. “We’ll look at three more,” Thibodeau said on the Sports Huddle on WCCO-830 AM on Sunday. “We’ll keep one (spot) probably open to keep an eye on guys the rest of the summer and in season. We like to have the flexibility with that 15th spot.”
“Ricky did a good job here; we’re happy for him,” Thibodeau told reporters in a conference call during his first public comments since the NBA’s free-agent moratorium ended Thursday. “We wish him well. He made a number of contributions to our team, our organization and community and we certainly appreciate that. For us where we are now, we have to get out of this hole and we felt we had an opportunity to improve our team, and that’s why we did what we did. “It’s the tough part of this job. You always have to put the team first, and so that’s what we did. When we had an opportunity to get a guy like Jeff Teague, that’s what we wanted to do.”