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Several league sources believe the Mavs could get a first-round pick from a playoff team — plus whatever player(s) necessary to make the salaries work — in return for a healthy Bogut. Snicker all you want about the Mavs’ previous draft failures, but plenty of value can be found late in the first round. Take, for example, All-Star swingman Jimmy Butler, who went 30th in the 2011 draft — four spots after the Mavs dumped their pick for Rudy Fernandez, who had decided by that point that he’d had enough of the NBA.
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Who are they going to trade, Okafor or Noel? And what’s taking them so long? A: There is little question that Okafor has more value right now, simply because he is playing, is a proven scorer and would be a nice fit on most teams. Teams have concerns with Noel because of his injury, having had a procedure Oct. 24 on his left knee, and his inability to improve his game at the offensive end. Which one goes depends on a few things.
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Tim MacMahon: Sources tell ESPN that Mavs have no immediate intention to shop C Andrew Bogut, as their focus for now is trying to salvage their season. However, Mavs management recognizes that Bogut has significant value in the trade market as a proven championship-caliber complementary piece in a contract year and could become motivated to move him if and when it becomes clear that the Mavs have no hope of making the playoffs this season. Several league sources said the Mavs should be able to get a first-round pick from a contender for Bogut.
Storyline: Andrew Bogut Trade?

Andrew Bogut an option for Boston?

As the February trade deadline draws near, the Boston Celtics are expected to take a close look at adding a defensive-minded, rebounding big man with Dallas’ Andrew Bogut likely to emerge as a target. The former No. 1 overall pick is the final year of a three-year, $36 million contract he signed with the Golden State Warriors in 2014. He is due to make $11.027 million in this, the last season of the contract.
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