Training camp Rumors

First, NBA teams will be navigating uncharted waters with two-way contracts. Speaking to a number of NBA front office people, some suggest two-way deals will be offered nearly immediately after the NBA Draft, while some suggest teams might wait it out through training camp. Whatever the case may be, teams will need to establish credibility with this first year of two-way contracts. Teams may bring two-way players up to NBA rosters for up to 45 days, but there is no guarantee they will do so. The minimum a two-way player can earn is $75,000, while they can cap out at approximately $275,000 if they are on an NBA roster for the maximum allotment.
Teams will often subsidize the low D-League salaries with training camp guarantees. Those can range anywhere from $50,000, up to $250,000 (Ben Bentil). That will no longer be the case with two-way contracts as players will only be allowed to receive a maximum $50,000 guarantee per the new NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. If a player is signed with a greater training camp guarantee, that player is not allowed to sign a two-way deal with that team. Taht being said, this could work a number of different ways. $50,000 could set the market for some teams across the board for two-way players and affiliates. Teams might be inclined to invite players to camp and offer all $50,000 with the possibility of signing them to a two-way deal based on their camp performance. If a team offers more they can’t do that so it’s possible this is the new market standard for camp players across the board.
Hey, Joe: Why wasn’t Mo Williams at the Cavs’ ring ceremony? He helped win a championship and he’s still part of the roster. — Jimmy, Brunswick Hey, Jimmy: Bringing Williams to The Q never crossed the Cavs’ mind. He’s not welcome, after picking up his $2.2 million option, deciding to retire the day training camp opened, and then electing to have knee surgery without filing retirement papers or negotiating a buyout with the Cavs, forcing them to keep him on their roster and pay him (while they search for a team to take his contract off their hands).
Storyline: Maurice Williams Injury