Travis Schlenk Rumors

Warriors assistant general manager Travis Schlenk is in his 12th year with the organization and is the only member of the team’s front office who has been around for every move the team has made assembling the current roster. Schlenk joined the “NBA This Week” from Baltimore, Md., where he was scouting the CAA tournament. We talked in detail with Schlenk about the ins and outs of scouting and what he’s looking for in the next Golden State Warriors player. Here is the link to the interview with Travis Schlenk on 95.7-FM The Game.
–How much time do you spend on NBA scouting, and then how does that come into play let’s say, when it comes to acquiring a player like Anderson Varejao? Schlenk: “I watch every team play in the NBA at least twice a month. So when Anderson became free, I had seen Cleveland play 10 times already. In those 10 games, Anderson had played in seven of them I believe for 60 minutes. So I can sit there and tell the group, ‘listen this guy isn’t who he was two years ago, but he’s still going to go in there and rebound, still going to go in there and play hard.’ But he’s not going to be the guy he was three years ago when arguably he and Joakim Noah were the best centers in the league.
From the start, Myers leaned on West for advice, especially once elevated to GM, replacing Larry Riley. The Warriors’ unique collaborative process evolved, with decisions undertaken by a team consisting of Lacob, Myers, West and assistant GMs Travis Schlenk and Lacob’s older son, Kirk (and, later, coach Steve Kerr). Strong opinions were expected. Disagreement was encouraged. One rival coach calls it, “one of the healthiest organizations in the NBA.”
It’s believed potential candidates to replace D’Alessandro include Ryan West and Travis Schlenk. West, son of NBA legend Jerry West, is assistant scouting director for the Los Angeles Lakers. Schlenk is assistant general manager for the Golden State Warriors. Schlenk interviewed with the Kings in 2013 for the position that went to D’Alessandro. D’Alessandro came to the Kings from Denver, where he worked under general manager Masai Ujiri. In his new position, D’Alessandro is expected to work for Josh Kroenke, president of the Nuggets and the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche.