Troy Weaver Rumors

He likes the existing roster and has a close relationship and confidence in Presti and Weaver. He has built a strong bond with head coach Billy Donovan. He knew what he signed for and, with the Thunder coming off a successful first post-Durant season and with pieces in place to improve the team, there are a lot of reasons to commit again.
2 months ago via ESPN
“He just needed a little time to think because his free agency was pretty much sped up,” Thunder assistant general manager Troy Weaver said. “It was, ‘Well, now I’ve got to think about this. This wasn’t something I was planning on thinking about because I didn’t think this was gonna happen.’ We just gave him a little time to reflect, and even with it being a short window, he felt comfortable where he was in his career and his life, and he was, ‘OK, let’s tackle these years and move forward.'”
4 months ago via ESPN
Respected as one of the top personnel guys in basketball, Troy Weaver not only has a discerning eye for raw basketball talent, but a feel for whether a player’s emotional makeup conforms to the team culture the Thunder hold as sacrosanct. He’s an obsessive student of the NBA history, with an understanding and love of the game. This database allows him to consider every decision in a smart context.
5 months ago via ESPN
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