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Then bonuses received by European players such as living quarters, car and/or driver, maids, expenses/utilities paid by the club, etc., may be added. These perks vary from club to club, but we can figure in that amount in addition to salary because NBA teams do not pay for such amenities. The 2.0 multiplier is actually in most cases a conservative estimate as in most cases, it is actually even higher than double in terms of difference between gross and net income. Using these bonuses from particular clubs, applying multipliers, and rounding the figures (as is customary among NBA agents), we get the following as the top 10 NBA salary equivalents in European pro club basketball. 1. Deron Williams – $10.3 million per season NBA salary equivalent. 2. Mehmet Okur – $10 million. 3 (tie). Nenad Krstic – $8.9 million. 3 (tie). Rudy Fernandez – $8.9 million.
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Agent Marc Fleisher confirmed Wednesday that Jazz center Mehmet Okur has signed with Turkish professional team Turk Telekom. Okur could join the squad as soon as this weekend, and his contract features an opt-out option that will allow him to immediately return to the NBA as soon as the league’s lockout ends. “He didn’t feel that the option to go play in pick-up games are what he needed,” said Fleisher, who stated that Okur is close to 100-percent health and will be insured while playing overseas. “He choose this and it’s a good team. He knows the league very well and it’s a good opportunity for him to play at a high level. And when the lockout ends, he’ll come back and be rearing to go.”
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The Utah Jazz center signed a contract today to play for Turk Telekom Ankara and will begin participating with the team from his country immediately, Okur’s agent Marc Fleisher told the Deseret News. Okur’s contract includes a provision that will allow him to leave the Turkish team to return to the Jazz when and if the NBA lockout ends this season. Fleisher said Okur, who is under contract with Utah through the end of the 2011-12 season, has recovered from his back issue and the left Achilles tendon injury that limited his court time last year. “He’s healthy enough to play now,” Fleisher said. Okur will immediately begin practicing and playing with Turk Telekom Ankara. The center looks forward to returning to the Jazz, though, as soon as the lockout ends. “The driving force behind this is him not having played for a while and wanting to get back on court and finding a rhythm,” Fleisher said. “He wants to get ready sooner than later so he’ll be in a better position to contribute immediately (in the NBA).”
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