Turkey Rumors

The big question remains: Will Bogdanovic come to the NBA? “We would love to have him here,” Kings general manager Vlade Divac said last week. “We have his rights, and this summer we’ll talk about it.” However, Bogdanovic has previously said that he won’t discuss his future in the NBA until after his EuroLeague team’s season ends.
After it was announced that he will enter the 2017 NBA Draft, the Turkish young star of Galatasaray Ege Ar talked to Eurohoops about this highly important decision of his career and how he feels with the prospect of being picked by an NBA team. “It’s so exciting for me to enter the NBA Draft,” he said.“This season I am having better year individually with Galatasaray jersey. Obviously playing in Pertevniyal (in Turkish 2nd division) with double licence has a big effect on this. After this improvement on my performance, I have decided to make this choice.”
For the past two years, Pachulia also has overseen his own basketball academy in Tbilisi. The program, which now boasts more than 500 members, is housed in the same complex where Zaza once honed his low-post moves on dilapidated courts. Because there was no heater in that old windowless gym, he often practiced wearing a hat and gloves. Today, the facility features four basketball courts, locker rooms, a weight room, a restaurant and dorm-style living. One of the courts is the same hardwood Pachulia once played on at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee; he had the floor shipped home in 267 pieces. “When my dad moved to Turkey with me, he shared in my NBA dream,” he said. “All of this, in a way, is for him.”
Davit Pachulia was 39 when he left all he had known in his native Tbilisi, Georgia — his wife, his mother, his job driving buses — to move into a two-bedroom apartment in Istanbul with his teenage son. The plan was as simple as it was difficult: Help Zaza, a lanky 14-year-old with NBA ambitions, acclimate to his new life on the Turkish Basketball League’s junior circuit. During that spring of 1998, Davit was a fixture at games, practices and team dinners. One night, when Zaza was involved in an on-court spat, Davit nearly stormed the court. “We were close before going to Turkey, but we got even closer over there,” Pachulia said recently. “It was only us, two Georgians taking on the big city.”