Tyrone Corbin Rumors

DeMarcus Cousins: Season has been a circus

The season got more miserable and messy after Cousins returned and the team later clumsily replaced Tyrone Corbin with George Karl, continuing a cycle of mismanagement. “It’s been a circus, man. It’s been a complete circus,” a flustered Cousins said, when asked to describe this season. “We got off to a hot start. Unfortunately, I got sick, so it ruined the look of the team. I take some blame for that. I know for a fact, if I wouldn’t have gotten sick, things wouldn’t have happened the way it happened. It was no way it could. At the same time, a lot of it is not my fault and we all know why. But this has been a disappointing year.”
Karl will be Cousins’ fifth head coach in his five NBA seasons, and the third this season. Michael Malone was fired Dec. 14 and replaced by Tyrone Corbin, who will move into an adviser role. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a coach for longer than a year and half, maybe,” Cousins said. “It feels good to know I’ll have one for the long haul, at least for now. That’s a good feeling in itself.”
That should have included a more subtle search for Corbin’s replacement, Van Gundy said. “If you want to make a change, I mean, even if people don’t like it, obviously, as an owner, you always have the right to make a change. That’s up to you,” Van Gundy said. “But you don’t need to do it the way they’re doing it now. “I mean, that thing’s been in the news for two weeks now, and Tyrone’s coaching. And they obviously don’t have any problem treating him like that. I have a hard time understanding that one, I really do. I mean, Tyrone Corbin is a class act. He was a class act as a player, he’s a class act as a coach, and he’s being treated very, very poorly.”
But the Kings soon figure to have a third head coach this season, with final details reportedly being worked out on a four-year contract with Karl. “I think it’s an unfortunate situation, the way it’s been handled,” Van Gundy said before the Pistons’ game tonight against the San Antonio Spurs. “I think Tyrone Corbin has been treated very, very poorly by their organization. I think the way they have treated him is unfortunate and inexcusable for one of the real class acts in our business.”
He was also prepared for at least one question about the George Karl situation that has placed the team – and especially Coach Tyrone Corbin – in an uncomfortable position. “Y’all ain’t going to get nothing but something about God’s plan,” Evans joked as he stood nearby, referencing Cousins’s postgame comments from two nights earlier.
“I’ve been through a lot in this league,” said Corbin, whose role with the organization beyond this week remains uncertain. “I played for 16 years, been coaching now for 12. It’s been a difficult time but that’s part of being in this league. I can’t feel sorry for myself and allow these guys to feel sorry for themselves. We got to come out and do our jobs, and do our jobs to the best of our ability. That’s all anybody can ask of them. They’re fighting. They’re fighting. Even if we don’t play our best basketball, we’re at least fighting.”
Sacramento Kings All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins issued a statement on Tuesday that refuted any participation in the franchise’s coaching changes and called for a stabilization of the position. “I wasn’t consulted when the decision was made to fire Mike Malone and I’m not being consulted now,” Cousins said in a statement released by his agents. “I just hope they make a decision soon and stick with it. George Karl is an experienced, proven coach and if that is who they chose to coach this team, I will support it. I do not like all these discussions in the media while we have a coach in place. It is a distraction and not fair to Coach Corbin and this team.”
Though he’s no longer affiliated with the Jazz, Corbin said he still keeps tabs on his former players. He’s proud of the progress made by Hayward and Co., whose careers were boosted by extra playing time under his care last season. “The young guys here. To see them grow every year — although I’m not a part of where they are now — you kind of watch and see and pay attention to what’s going on to them,” Corbin said. “I want to see them do well. They continue to grow. It was a good time to be with a young group.”
Corbin said he didn’t want to talk about that unsettled situation. He didn’t want to vent about what happened last spring when the Jazz let him go elsewhere, either. Corbin, who received a nice round of applause from the Jazz crowd during introductions, said he’s not bitter. “I’m fine. I understand the nature of the business. I played in it for 16 years. Changes happen. Change is part of it,” Corbin said. “I had a great 10-year span here on the coaching side of it. I played here for three years and met some great people. It’s a great organization to work for.”
Meanwhile, Corbin is still the Kings’ coach with an uncertain future. “I have no comment about any of that stuff,” Corbin said when asked if he’d spoken to ownership or management about his situation. Sources indicated Karl’s compensation remains a sticking point and no deal is imminent. But the suddenly aggressive pursuit of Karl is a change after the Kings did not reach out to him in this manner after firing Malone.