Tyronn Lue Rumors

Jose Calderon will make his second start for the Cavaliers at point guard this season when they play the Detroit Pistons on Monday. Calderon, 36, has appeared in just seven games, playing about 10 minutes in Friday’s win over the Clippers because of Iman Shumpert’s knee soreness. He’s averaging 1.0 points and 0.7 assists. “You see any other point guards around,” cracked Tyronn Lue, when asked how he came to decide to play Calderon.
“I was excited for sure,” Calderon said. “I was always say this, people ask me about basketball or whatever, I think you can learn until you retire. I’m still playing basketball because I really enjoy it and have fun doing it. If not, I don’t need to be here. I could be with my family, spending a lot of time and relaxing. I play for 13 years here, but I was a professional for seven in Spain, so it’s been awhile. So, yes, I love it.”
Lue was (is?) as big of a supporter as Calderon has in the organization. Look, Calderon, 36, is a really nice guy who’s had a long and respectable career (13 seasons). I am tired of writing bad things about him and the organization for signing him on July 1, the first day of free agency. Lue simply can’t use him while teams are running up and down the court, and Calderon takes too long to get the ball up the court.
But Isaiah Thomas appears to be ahead of schedule from the Cavs’ target date for his return of on or about Jan. 1. During Thomas’ interview for this story, however, coach Tyronn Lue walked by and yelled “100 percent,” an indication Thomas will not be allowed to rush back. “I feel good man,” Thomas said. “Every week I’m getting better and better and I’m able to do more and more, and it’s getting there.”
Storyline: Isaiah Thomas Injury