Tyronn Lue Rumors

As much as he disliked the environment tailored to LeBron’s ball-halting, body-stagnating style — which Irving was encouraged by Tyronn Lue to clone in order to exploit his fabulous finishing touch, and make the Cavs twice as dangerous — he resisted crabbing about it, and waited wearily for the least unfavorable time to ask out. Did Kyrie resent LeBron having the Cavaliers’ comprehensive catering service on demand 24-7? Yes. That’s what I was told.
Storyline: LeBron-Kyrie Dynamic
This seems like a shot at the Cavs’ culture and coaching staff, with Irving implying that he wanted a different environment and a more demanding coaching staff. Irving was close to Cavs assistant coach Phil Handy and appeared to have a good relationship with head coach Tyronn Lue, who on several occasions defended Irving’s default shoot-first style and encouraged him to ignore critics.
7 days ago via ESPN