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Maxwell freely admitted it was difficult watching Fred Roberts and Mikki Moore wear No. 31 before it was retired. And he suggested that the Celtics formulate a list — with the help of a committee of former players, executives, and public relations employees — of players whose numbers would be considered untouchable. Obviously, No. 2 (Red Auerbach), 6 (Russell), 17 (Havlicek), and 33 (Bird) would be on that list. But what about 18 (Cowens), 21 (Bill Sharman), 22 (Ed Macauley), 23 (Frank Ramsey), 24 (Sam Jones), and 25 (K.C. Jones)? Would No. 15 (Heinsohn), 16 (Tom Sanders) or 19 (DonNelson) be considered untouchable?
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For those questioning the individual selection, the Pacers absolutely considered uniforms that recognized Milan or Crispus Attucks High School. “We did talk about it,” Taylor shared. “[We picked Hickory] for two main reasons. One, obviously Hoosiers has a worldwide appeal to it and Hickory, being in Hoosiers, allows people to see it and get it right away. If we had Milan or Crispus Attucks, it would mean a lot to us in the state but it wouldn’t really draw attention from a worldwide standpoint. And, we really felt like if we went with Hickory and had people get it from a bigger concept around the movie, we could draw from some of the equity of the film — which is really a message of teamwork and a small-market overcoming big obstacles. “That’s what really cool about it. It can Crispus Attucks. It can be Milan. It could be individual contributors, like a school’s secretary that saved basketball [for their school].”
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In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM) and the Indiana Pacers will bring one of the all-time great underdog stories, Hoosiers, to the NBA hardwood, celebrating the film’s 30th Anniversary. For the 2015-16 season, the Pacers will introduce the Hickory uniform to be worn in select regular season games as part of the NBA Pride Collection. The Hickory uniform is a tribute to the rich tradition of basketball in the State of Indiana and will serve as inspiration to fans everywhere that no matter how improbable the challenge may be, amazing things can be accomplished through teamwork, determination, heart and hustle.
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