Usain Bolt Rumors

Need more evidence that Paul George is seemingly all-in on playing in the upcoming Olympics? The Pacers’ star appears in Gatorade’s new ad campaign featuring athletes who are all expected to compete in the Olympics coming up in August down in Rio de Janeiro. The 26-year-old joins Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, and April Ross in a new commercial titled, “Never Lose the Love” where these professional athletes show how they are “fueled by that moment where they first fell in love” with their sport.
When the NBA released its rosters for All-Star Weekend’s Celebrity Game, one name stood out above all others: Usain Bolt, legendary Jamaican sprinter and six-time Olympic gold medalist. As Kelly Dwyer noted last Friday, Bolt loves to play basketball, even if he’s pretty bad at it. In the Celeb Game, we could see one of the world’s best athletes in an unfamiliar setting. Bolt was not particularly impressive in his East squad’s 58-38 loss, but he did contribute the highlight of the night. In the final minute of the first quarter, the 6-5 Bolt streaked down the court and took a long-range pass. After collecting himself (read: committing and uncalled traveling violation), Bolt rose up and finished a two-handed slam. Check it out in the video above.
So did Usain Bolt show up at Tuesday night’s opener at AmericanAirlines Arena because he’s a big LeBron James fan? Not exactly. I came here because I’m a Boston Celtics fan,” said Bolt, the legendary Jamaican sprinter who sat courtside for the game between the Celtics and Miami. “I’m a big K.G. (Kevin Garnett) fan.” Nevertheless, Bolt said he’s also a fan of James, the Heat forward. The two each have been gold medalists at the past two Olympics. “I really like his game,” Bolt said of James, who scored 26 points in Miami’s 120-107 win before leaving for good early in the fourth quarter with a leg cramps. “I’ve met him before. I like him because he’s a dunker and I’m a dunker.”