Videogames Rumors

On the day that Kobe Bryant will play his final NBA game, 2K Sports announced that the Lakers superstar and 18-time All-Star will grace the cover of a special version of NBA 2K17 called the “Legend Edition.” This version of the professional basketball game will include all manner of Kobe-themed digital and physical content (see below). “It’s a great honor to partner with 2K on the NBA 2K17 Legend Edition,” Bryant said in a statement.
“I think for me, playing video games is a big time stress reliever. If I was constantly thinking about basketball all the time, I think I would drive myself nuts. I think having something that I do outside of the game can help reduce the stress; it makes me able to be more relaxed, and then when it is time to play the game then I can focus and get straight in on that. I think especially for people who play video games, it’s something that you can play for hours and hours on end, and I think you need to take a little break and do something else. That’s just my two cents.”
Seeing how Hayward uses video games as a stress reliever but still plays some seriously competitive titles, it’s interesting to hear him describe most of his fellow NBA players as “casual gamers.” According to him, “everyone plays video games… a lot of them will play Madden, 2K, FIFA, and everyone plays Call of Duty, but there aren’t that many that play PC games.” He’s heard that Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs plays Starcraft as well, but hasn’t talked to him about it personally.