Videogames Rumors

The hippest guy in Salt Lake City ever, by the way, explained to media that his decision to go on Cowherd’s show would be considered a “countergank,” a strong pushback, in the videogame world. Being Mr. Hip wasn’t always the case for the guy who got teased relentlessly earlier in his career for eating ate an Olive Garden in New York City instead of visiting one of the thousands of non-chain restaurants. Even Hayward, who joked that he might’ve “hit puberty sometime (in his NBA career),” can admit that he’s different. “I got married,” Hayward joked. “My wife has changed my appearance a bit.”
TMZ was lucky enough to catch up with Dion Waiters, who has a pretty high impression of himself, to get his thoughts on Kobe and his new 2K rating. From the tone in Waiters’ voice, his shock at the rating stems from how low it actually is. When Waiters is then asked if he should be rated higher than Kobe, he — even with all his bluster — smartly replied in the negative. “Hell no! That’s Bean man.”