Walt Frazier Rumors

“Us old-school guys, we don’t like it,” former Knicks and Hall of Fame point guard Walt “Clyde” Frazier told The Tribune earlier this week. “We didn’t have that luxury when I played. We had to play through commercials, back-to-backs, whatever they told us to do. We paved the way for these guys and they are biting the hand that feeds them. The reason the league is so big today is because of the TV money, and now they are sitting out?”
A lot of the guys in the NBA now wear designer clothes. Have you ever thought about asking them for their big and tall sources? Clyde Frazier: I wouldn’t wear those because of the colors. I like mixing unusual combinations of colors and patterns that people wouldn’t normally put together. When I go shopping, I ask the guy, “Show me something you think no one would wear.” A lot of the guys now don’t have my expertise. I’ve been in New York for 40 years. This is the mecca for fashion.
Check out more info via Champions Basketball League: New York fan favorites are at the center of Champions Basketball New York team. The Gotham Ballers front office includes Walt Frazier, NBA Champion and Hall of Famer, is the New York team’s summer league President, NBA great and former New York Knicks/ Baltimore Bullets star Earl Monroe as General Manager, and leading the team as Coach is former New York Knicks player and Syracuse University standout, John Wallace. The Gotham Ballers player roster includes: Al Harrington, Kenyon Martin, Shawn Marion, Eddy Curry, Kareem Rush, Tyshawn Taylor, Jamaal Tinsley, Terrence Williams, Josh Childress, Daniel Gibson and Renaldo Balkman.
8 months ago via SLAM