Wanda Cooper Rumors

Who was your favorite person to talk to in putting together this book, and why? As strange as this might sound, I’d have to say I have three—Linda Rambis, Jeanie Buss and Wanda Cooper. Explanation: Linda is Kurt’s wife, and she’s worked for the Lakers for years. She’s cool and laid-back and happy to chat about anything, everything—sans embarrassment, sans remorse, sans hesitation. I just felt a genuine kinship with her. Jeanie, obviously, is one of the team’s owners, and when we were scheduled to lunch I had no idea what to expect. Well, she walks in … and she’s just chill. And self-deprecating. And smart. Like Linda, she didn’t shy away from things, or try and gloss over stuff. There was no PR person present. No shield. If every team executive were like those two, life would be easy.
Lastly Wanda—Michael Cooper’s ex-wife. Throughout the early stages of the book, people repeatedly asked, “Have you talked to Wanda? Have you talked to Wanda?” When I finally tracked her down, I understood. Wanda Cooper is one of the most unique and special people I’ve ever met. She’s from New Mexico, but she’s blunt like a New Yorker. No shield, no bullshit. I’ll give you a great example. There’s a quote in the book that makes me laugh every time. A reporter asks a wife whether she worries about her husband fooling around on the road. And her response is, “One less blowjob I have to give at home.” I knew Wanda had said it, but identifying her (in that case) wasn’t necessary, and I certainly didn’t want to humiliate her. Well, a few weeks ago I asked Wanda, via IM, whether she would have been offended or angry had I attached her to it. Her exact response: “I love that quote & would not have minded ownership.” Says it all.