Wanda Pratt Rumors

Queen Latifah is executive producer for the movie, and Cassandra Freeman stars as Pratt. The movie focuses on how Pratt struggled to make ends meet for her children and persevered with the help of family and carefully chosen friends. Her efforts paid off when Tony graduated from college and Kevin made it to the NBA. “It’s a blueprint,” Durant said. “We didn’t have a lot, but we knew how to stick together and work hard. Anything can happen.”
Pratt hopes her story inspires not just the mothers, but entire families, too. “The message for the story is hope,” she said. “No matter what you go through in life, no matter what the obstacles are — because we all face obstacles and struggles — it’s not so much about the details of the story, it’s just that through the highs and lows and ebbs and flows, you have to continue to push forward, because there is a brighter day.”
ESPN: In the preseason he said he was really going to try to shut all the free-agency talk out. He was determined not to make it a circus this year. Do you think he has succeeded? Wanda Durant: [Yes.] The reason why I can say that so boldly is because when he was a kid, I wouldn’t allow him to think about the NBA even though that was an aspiration of his at age 11 or age 14. You know I try to keep him focused, along with his coach, [on] the task at hand. Getting better for the next level, and right now, that next place is the playoffs. He’s focusing. He’s been doing that all his life.
Produced by actress and musician Queen Latifah, the movie will air during Mother’s Day weekend, debuting Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. “It’s still just unreal to me,” Wanda Durant said of the movie. “I never thought this gift would be possible for me. I never considered it, I didn’t know it was available. I’m grateful and I’m humbled because this story is such a common story. I’m blessed and I pray that I do honor to all the single moms and mothers in general, just having that chance to tell the story of motherhood, and I’m just grateful for that opportunity.”