Wanda Pratt Rumors

As for those “Cupcake” chants, that covert way of calling Durant soft in reference to Russell Westbrook’s infamous reaction to his co-star leaving? They left Wanda utterly confused. “Why would you say that?” she asked before listening to the explanation. “Yeah, that bothers me, just to hear that that’s what the cupcake thing is all about. Yeah, that bothers me. Kevin is not soft at all. He’s not soft. He made choices that he wanted to make. But I do get it. I don’t want to minimize the pain and the hurt that a lot of fans felt. They wanted him to stay, and so I understood that. For those people, my heart goes out to them. Some of those people still tell me that we still love him. I wanted him to stay, but I love him. No matter where he goes, I’ll love him because of the person that he was.”