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Thomas was asked if he still gives Dolan advice on the Knicks. Though Mills and Thomas famously worked together once, their relationship deteriorated in the wake of the Anucha Browne Sanders sexual harassment suit. “I’m involved with the Liberty,’’ said Thomas, in Vegas promoting his new champagne. “I talk to him about the Liberty. I don’t talk to him about the Knicks. I respect authority and lines of authority. It would be inappropriate of me and not respectful of me to whoever’s in that job to voice my opinion about the Knicks – froma personnel or strategic standing. That’s’s not my place. I have to respect those lines of authority.’’
Thomas, also a former Knicks president who had a similarly inept stint, has resurfaced as Liberty president. The Garden’s WNBA tenant clinched their third straight playoff berth this week under Thomas. “There’ve been a lot of us who have come through New York that want to do well,’’ Thomas said in Las Vegas for the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor bout and appearing on The MMA Hour radio show. “For whatever reason we didn’t do well. I look at Phil before he got to New York – how he was respected in the game. And that’s the Phil Jackson I choose to remember. That’s on the real.”
Storyline: Isiah Thomas to Knicks?
Kobe Bryant’s support of the WNBA is nothing new – he’s often spotted in the front row at games – but in a new commercial for the league, he speaks about why it’s so important and how much his daughters look up to the WNBA players. “You have a dream, you have a goal as a kid to play basketball. As a girl, you grow up, you play basketball you’re like my goal, my ambition is to be a WNBA player,” he said. “… I think that really is the most important part is that women growing up and playing basketball are like ok, my career track can go like this and lead to that. I think that’s the most significant part.”
Burke announced this spring that she is stepping away from the women’s game, both college and the WNBA. “That was an incredibly difficult decision for me. But I’m over 50, and I’m thinking I’d like a little more balance in my life. The other part of it is that I think I would be even better on the other two sports I cover—men’s college and the NBA—and frankly, somebody else deserves a shot in the women’s game. I’ve call the women’s NCAA Championship and been a part of women’s basketball for 17 years. Rebecca Lobo, Kara Lawson, LaChina Robinson—let them have a shot at it. They’ve earned the right. I’m a big believer in that there is enough room for all of us. And it is incredibly important for other women to lift the people up beside them. That’s part of the job.”