Wyc Grousbeck Rumors

What is the approach heading into the summer? It’s obviously fluid, but what’s the mind-set? Grousbeck: Well, we’ve got a lot of draft picks. Those could be traded. We’ve got a lot of room. Over the next few years, we’ll have a lot of room under the salary cap. Our intention is always to be aggressive and opportunistic in the summer. We don’t want to let a summer go by. The summer of 2007 transformed this franchise, and you never know when the next one will happen.
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You mentioned Isaiah. What have you thought of the boost he has brought this team? Epstein: He’s played remarkable. I think if you listen, the fans are just waiting for him to get in the game and start popping shots. And he delivers. I particularly like him, because it’s the first time we’ve had a player that’s eyeball-to-eyeball with me. I’ve had that discussion with him actually. Grousbeck: I’ve heard he actually says he wants to be the best 5-9 player in NBA history. He points out that Allen Iverson was 6 feet. I love him. I love his spirit. We’ve got him for three more years at least, but we’ve got building blocks in place here, young players for multiple years, and we’re gonna try to keep this group together and add to it over the summer and keep moving forward.
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Before Stevens, it was Kevin Garnett who chose Boston. Garnett loved Boston so much, according to Grousbeck, that he continues to recruit players to the Celtics to this day. “KG loved it and I think he’s been a real good ambassador for us, telling people [that] it’s a great place to play,” he said. “It’s very common for everybody to say, ‘Oh they can’t attract free agents;’ you know we attracted Kevin Garnett here. He did not need to sign an extension with us. He did not need to approve that trade. He wasn’t technically a free agent, but KG picked coming to Boston and he won a championship here. So I always say that he was the first major free agent to come to Boston because he was able to dictate his terms of what team he wanted to go to and he chose us.”
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