On Tuesday morning, Horford, 30, participated in his first formal practice with the Celtics, navigating a breezy walkthrough that kicked off the team’s first two-a-day session of training camp. After spending his entire nine-year NBA career with the Atlanta Hawks, Horford was asked about stepping outside his comfort zone. “It’s definitely a weird feeling, but I feel good,” Horford said. “It feels right to be here. “I took a chance on coming here, because I believe in the type of guys we have here in the organization and the potential there is. So that’s why I’m here, and I have a lot of respect for a lot of these players.”
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While Griffin said he felt “comfortable” with the Cavs’ current point guard situation — behind Kyrie Irving now is only rookie Kay Felder — the team has on its radar free agents Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, and Kirk Hinrich. The Cavs have been in contact with all three players this summer, a source said, in anticipation of Williams’ move. But the team, at least at this point, is in no rush to sign one of them, preferring to let the 5-9, 21-year-old Felder get his feet wet in camp and see if Lue can work his rotation properly without them.
A night of celebration ended in gunfire. Malcolm Delaney’s world turned upside down on what had been the greatest day of his young life last summer. Hours earlier, he signed a contract with the Atlanta Hawks, ending five years of toil overseas and reaching his NBA aspiration. And then suddenly, he was cradling the body of his older brother Vincent after he was struck five times in a drive-by shooting. “It was the worst night of my life,” said Malcolm, a rookie about to start his first NBA training camp this week.
When leaving a Prince George’s County night club, a friend “Euro-stepped” — a cross-over basketball move — around another man and words were exchanged. There was no physical altercation, just words, Malcolm said. His party departed, most thinking nothing more of the incident. Shortly after on a nearby highway, a car pulled up alongside the van and opened fire. Of the 13 people inside — 12 passengers and a driver — only one was struck by a bullet. Seated in the middle seat, Vincent Delaney, 31, was struck twice in the back, twice in the shoulder and once in a finger that would require amputation., while sitting in the middle seat of the van. Vincent’s wife was grazed in the back, remarkably the only other person hit despite three others, including Malcolm, sitting alongside the large window.
Though critically injured,Vincent underwent surgery and survived. In the two months since the incident, he has been slowly recovering in a rehabilitation facility but still has a long way to go. Bullet fragments remain lodged in his spine and chest. Malcolm reports his brother is no longer on life-support machinery and can eat and drink on his own. His outgoing personality is returning. He doesn’t complain about what happened to him.