He didn’t complain about lost playing time. He had a hunch his number would be called eventually, and said he sought to keep himself sharp throughout the year. “I think you’ve gotta believe in yourself, I think you gotta put in a lot of work off the court to make sure you’re ready,” Green said. “You know the famous quote, sometimes you have to be ready so you don’t have to get ready. I do a lot of things that, it’s like, off the camera, that a lot of people don’t see me do. So, I just always try to prepare myself like I’m going to play even when I wasn’t going to play. And when I wasn’t playing, my thing is, I was always enjoying the team’s success, always enjoying somebody else’s success.”
Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas said his mind is not fully focused on basketball as he grieves the loss of his sister, and he’s feeding off the support of his teammates during Boston’s first-round series against the Bulls. “Mentally and emotionally, I’m not here, so I just feed off what the guys give me,” Thomas said while addressing reporters for the first time since his younger sister, Chyna, died in a single-vehicle accident on April 15, a day before the series began.
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