This seems like a shot at the Cavs’ culture and coaching staff, with Irving implying that he wanted a different environment and a more demanding coaching staff. Irving was close to Cavs assistant coach Phil Handy and appeared to have a good relationship with head coach Tyronn Lue, who on several occasions defended Irving’s default shoot-first style and encouraged him to ignore critics.
2 days ago via ESPN
“I relished in that role (in Cleveland),” Irving said. “And you have other individuals saying that — and he’s on this show now (Kellerman) — and his humble opinion is always, ‘He’s a one-dimensional (player) and he’s not making his teammates better.’ But if you have an assassin, and you call me this specific weapon, utilize it. I’m not this one-on-one individual that wants to go one-on-one every single time down. That’s not how I appreciate the game. I’ve watched a lot of basketball, probably more than a lot of people have realized.”