Redick also worked out with Jeremy Lin during the summer. Redick may not have been a starter for the Nets considering Lin and new Brooklyn star D’Angelo Russell would compose the starting backcourt. “The one team for Chelsea was the Nets. I was certainly interested in the Nets. I love what they’re building there … But once they were kind of off the table, it created a little bit of chaos.”
Magic Johnson was asked if it was hard to move on after trading D’Angelo Russell. “I am not one of them dudes,” the Lakers president of basketball operations replied. “When I say bye, that’s it. I keep moving. I can’t get caught in emotions and all that. That is not who I am. We moved and we kept moving. After that trade we went on to the next thing.” Johnson added, “Like five teams called for D’Angelo [so] we knew that we could move D’Angelo for one of the pieces that we were looking for.
5 days ago via ESPN