LeVert and Russell are crucial in Brooklyn’s rebuilding process. They’re both seen as the “untouchables” on this roster, and very likely to be starting side-by-side soon enough. The praise didn’t end there… “Nothing but good things with D’Angelo,” Nets rookie Jarrett Allen told NetsDaily when asked about his new teammate. “He’s great with the ball, makes good decisions and makes really good passes. He’s going to find me.”
He will be the anchor in turning this thing around or not. The Nets, front office, coaching staff and front office get how important he is. He is already the face of the Nets, despite their team-first mentality. And yes, players will want to play with him because he’s going to make them better (and a lot of money). He also gets that he needs to understand his role better than he did in L.A. “I think guys enjoyed playing with me,” Russell told Zach Lowe. “Now I’m going to make sure they do instead of not really taking it into consideration.
YES is shuffling its Nets broadcast team, sliding former sideline reporter Sarah Kustok over to the broadcast table and making her an analyst. They’re hiring Michael Grady to fill the sideline spot, a move he confirmed Thursday on Twitter. “I’m psyched,” Kustok said on the Road Trippin’ with RJ & Channing podcast. “It’s incredible…The opportunity to call games, this is not work. It’s a dream to get to do. You talk about being a female — I don’t always love the attention on that. I just want to show up and do my job and be a part of a team. It’s the opportunity to still be part of a team and have that adrenaline rush. It’s an incredible thing.”