Two contracts worth considering according to one league executive, are the one signed by Omer Asik last summer and the one signed by Al Jefferson in 2013. Asik’s deal is considered a mistake leaguewide, but it went for five years and $58 million, almost $12 million per year. Jefferson signed a three-year deal worth $40.5 million, or about $13.5 million per year.
Storyline: Al Jefferson Free Agency
Rich Cho on how big a piece Nicolas Batum is to the team: “Nic [Batum] is a huge piece. He is our number one offseason priority. He knows that. I told him that in our exit interviews. We love having him here and he did a great job this year. He had a few injuries, but overall he did a great job on both ends of the floor. [He was] also great in the locker room and I think Nic wants to be here as well.”
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Storyline: Nicolas Batum Free Agency