Charlotte Hornets wing Courtney Lee has partnered with Moment to raise money for the Daniel E. Rumph II Foundation, an organization that brings awareness to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and hypertrophic cardiomyopothy (HCM), which took Lee’s college teammate, Daniel Rumph, all too soon back in 2005. So, how does it work? For a donation of $125, Lee will record a short, personal video for you answering just about any question you might have. All proceeds will go to the Daniel E. Rumph II Foundation.
Batum’s agent had previously indicated that his client, a free agent who just had a terrific first season with the Charlotte Hornets, would be in the United States resolving his NBA future and that the paperwork would not be finalized in time for him to play. However, it is understood that the French player and the Hornets will quickly agree terms on a new deal and that could could give France enough time to obtain insurance for Batum and allow him to take part in some of the OQT games.
Storyline: Nicolas Batum Free Agency
Tim Grover: Competitive dominance is about commanding fear and respect. I wrote about this in my book “Relentless,” and I’m retelling it here because it’s the best intimidation technique I’ve ever seen. Only one guy could pull this off: During the playoffs, Michael Jordan would occasionally wander into the opponents’ locker room, on the pretense he just wanted to say hello to a close friend on the other team. Now, if you knew MJ, you knew that was completely ridiculous because MJ didn’t care about saying hello to anyone, including his own teammates, especially right before a game. But try telling that to the guys in the other locker room: They’re getting ready to play, thinking about facing Michael Jordan and the world champion Chicago Bulls … and in walks Michael Jordan himself. The whole place would suddenly go completely silent, every pair of eyes following him, watching, wondering, waiting.
Tibbetts and Charlotte assistant Stephen Silas are two of the serious candidates to replace new Lakers coach Luke Walton on the Warriors’ bench next season, league sources said. Tibbetts and Silas traveled to Oklahoma City to meet with Warriors officials on Monday night. Golden State had to expedite the hiring process or risk losing preferred candidates to other teams.
NBA point guard Jeremy Lin is in Iceland and made the day for a young local basketball player and his family when they bumped into the star in an ice cream parlour in their home town Akureyri (population 18.000), North Iceland. 14-year old Júlíus Orri Ágústsson was in the store with his mother Guðrún Gísladóttur when he spotted the Charlotte Hornets playmaker. After Júlíus had asked for and gotten an autograph from Lin, his mother invited the smiling and very friendly NBA star to shoot some hoops with her son. Lin, who has a reputation of being one of NBA’s good guys, duly accepted the offer and went on to play an one on one game with Júlíus on a small basket ball court that the family has in their back yard. The midnight sun created the perfect setting for this fantastic adventure for the young man and Lin showed he truly has a heart of gold. NBA can hardly have a better ambassador.