The minor Tuesday night skirmish between Mason Plumlee and Jimmy Butler has gone from heated to silly in a hurry. After the Chicago Bulls defeated the Trail Blazers 93-88, Butler told reporters in the visiting locker room at the Moda Center that he was not happy about receiving a technical foul — and the accompanying $2,500 fine — and planned to ask Plumlee to cover the cost. “He cost me $2,500,” Butler told reporters. “I’m not happy about that. I’m going to ask him to pay me back — and I’m not playing.” The incident came with 4:17 left in a competitive game. During a Bulls offensive possession, Butler stepped near the free throw line to set a screen. Plumlee, who was charging in Butler’s direction, plowed through the screen and knocked Butler to the court.
Butler, 5th NBA season “On a long trip, we’re normally on the West Coast so I got to bring my swimming trunks and my slippers. Nah, I just bring a lot of clothes. I’m fashionable, baby, unlike some guys. (laughs) A lot of different clothes. A lot of different Jordans. I pack sometimes. Sometimes my brothers pack for me. It isn’t too hard. Just bring a couple suits, some matching Jordans to go with pants and a button-up. I try to look nice.
Kerr: Ah, well that’s interesting. The only thing I know for sure is I had no chance to guard Steph. So I would say, we would probably have had to put a combination of Scottie [Pippen] and Harp [Ron Harper] on Steph. You didn’t expect this to be hard, did you? Kerr: No. I do think that we would have — when I say “we,” I’m saying from a playing standpoint. I mean, this is hard to even know whether I’m saying “we” or “they.”
What about the Rodman versus Draymond matchup you talked about. Who gets the better of that? Kerr: That would have been fun to watch, wouldn’t it? You know, Draymond’s a much more skilled basketball player in terms of ballhandling and playmaking and shooting, making 3s, that kind of thing. I think Dennis was a real inspiration to Draymond, though, in terms of the hustle and the rebounding. Nobody’s ever rebounded like Dennis since Dennis. He had a way of impacting games emotionally that reminds me a lot of Draymond. I imagine there would have been a few technicals involved. Maybe a fight or two.
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