Cavs coach David Blatt didn’t even know Smith had purchased the cotton candy as the Cavs shooting guard spent the night at the end of the bench, one of five Cleveland players out for the night because of an injury. “I wasn’t aware of that,” Blatt said when asked about Smith’s cotton candy fix after the game. “You know, I’m going to use one of those lines that you always use when there’s something that happens. The team’s immediate response is: We are gathering further information and we will respond accordingly. I’m going to lay my hat on that one, if I may.”
Scoop Jackson: Did you think that winning a championship would shut up a lot of the people who had critical evaluations of your game when you came into college last year? Jahlil Okafor: That wasn’t my thought, that if I won a championship I wouldn’t get any criticism. I just think that playing in a championship game and playing in every game in March Madnessb that’s just more time for critics to watch you and more time for them to nitpick at what you don’t do well or what they feel you don’t do well. During the whole season, they said our team didn’t play defense, that our team was one of the worst defensive teams in Duke’s history, but somehow we still won the national championship, so I’m going to let the experts do their thing. Look, I’m definitely not the caliber player that LeBron is, but I find it funny how people can criticize him and the way he plays the game. So it’s pretty easy to criticize me if they are still able to criticize LeBron.