This wasn’t James’ fight. He easily could have ignored the debate, or waited until Cleveland’s next media availability to weigh in. But he recognized that LaForce’s reputation and ethics were being challenged, and didn’t think it was fair.  “Please get off Allie LaForce’s back because she followed the proper protocol and she warned me,” James added. “So get off her back, man. She’s very professional and she does a great job at her work.”
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It was the same hand that Love fractured Jan. 30 at Detroit and missed nearly seven weeks. “I saw a replay, too, and it didn’t look good,” Love said. “Hurt pretty bad. Initially I told Ty afterward that I could have gone back in, but I think he liked the flow out there and guys made big plays down the stretch. “It’s not going to feel great tomorrow, but throw some ice on it, tape it up and be ready to go.”
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