The Cavs star was asked if he really believed a player would come along and be as dominant as he has been in Year 15. “As dominant as me?” James said with a smile before pausing. “We’ll see. We’ll see. Listen, I want to break the mold of guys, of the stereotype of this prime thing. I know what I’m doing has not been done a lot in the history of the game, even at my age. And you look at the minutes I’ve played and the consecutive Finals I’ve been a part of, just the toll on my body, it hasn’t been done. So hopefully if there’s a kid [who] can make a huge impact in this league, and it could be 10 years, 12 years, 15 years, whatever. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to start my journey a lot earlier. Who knows? The [NBA draft eligibility] rule could change. We’ve been talking obviously with the NCAA to to see if the rule could change and high school kids are able to come back into the league early. We’ll see.
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Kevin Love said James’ recent performance is not comparable to anything the league has seen. “It’s tough to [compare],” Love said. “Knowing the history of the game, in their 15th year, I don’t know if anybody’s gone about it like this and dominated night in and night out and done it so effectively and so efficiently. It’s tough to really put into words what he’s able to do on a nightly basis. This is my fourth year playing with him, but as far as what I’ve seen out of him, especially this year, this is the best I’ve seen for sure.”
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“He’s been playing professional basketball for a long time, just not in the NBA, but he’s been playing high-level basketball for quite a while and we knew exactly what we got when we drafted him,” James said of Osman. “Took a couple years for him to finally come over, but we’re happy to have him. “Fast learner, sponge and just plays extremely hard. He knows how to play. One thing about the European guys when they come into our league, they know how to play basketball. They know exactly how to play: what to do, when to cut, when to shoot, how to pass. They learn the fundamentals. We definitely got a good one in Cedi.”
The Cavaliers toasted coach Tyronn Lue’s 100th win Saturday with popcorn. Hey, it beats the water the Cavs usually dump on someone for a personal milestone inside the locker room. Cleveland’s 109-100 victory over the Utah Jazz was the 100th of Lue’s head coaching career, which dates to Jan. 23, 2016. He took over for fired coach David Blatt then and steered the Cavs to the first title in franchise history. “It just means I’ve been fortunate to have been surrounded by a lot of good players and good teams,” Lue said. “When you’re surrounded like that, good things happen.”
The NBA announced a new All-Star Game format in October, in which the player with the most votes in each conference would serve as a captain and would pick his team regardless of conference affiliation. LeBron James, a potential captain who led the All-Star vote last season, said the NBA players’ focus would be on winning the game, not on who is or isn’t on their team. “Listen, we’re trying to win in the All-Star Game,” James said. “So you want to get the best player, you want to get the best caliber of player. Obviously you’re going to have some type of faithfulness obviously to your teammates, but also you want to compete.”
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