Not having Mozgov — or any reliable backup — looks to be taking its toll. “When Tristan plays against those big centers it’s tough on him,” Lue admitted. “To play every single night for four straight years — you don’t want him to have to wrestle with those big guys every single night on a night-to-night basis. It’s tough on him.”
Whatever the solution is, it will have to come from within. There are no reinforcements. No easy answers. And no, Larry Sanders — signed after Bogut’s injury — doesn’t sound like a viable option. “Well, we have to try to get him in some better shape. Right now his timing and shape is not good,” Lue said. “That’s why he’s been in the D-League playing and trying to get ready. The guys in the D-League say he’s been great. He’s just trying to work and trying to get to that point. “Right now Tristan is all we have.”