By the time reporters were allowed inside, LeBron James was soaking his feet in a tub of ice and finishing his signature handshake with his boys – yes, LeBron has handshakes with everyone, including his own kids. The boys, Bronny and Bryce, scattered as the cameras entered, presumably to head to the court and shoot just as they wanted all along. One day, the boys will certainly appreciate how their father is chiseling his own face into the NBA’s Rushmore, but for now they’re a couple of kids looking for a ball and a hoop. James, meanwhile, continues to ascend history.
The back problems James battled a couple of years ago seem to be a thing of the past. He received an injection prior to last season as a precautionary measure, but felt so good this year he didn’t even need one. Now he’s playing 80 minutes stretched over two nights and still feels great. “The last couple years this is the best I’ve felt,” James said. “And I told you guys I’ve put a lot of work into my body, into my craft. I’ve re-arranged a little bit with my diet and it’s worked to my benefit. And for me to have back to back nights like this after coming off a long road trip, just shows that everything is working in the right direction.”
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It has been widely assumed for weeks the two sides would strike a new deal, but the Cavaliers’ James Jones, who serves as secretary/treasurer of the union, said it isn’t a snag so much as items that haven’t been settled. “Last time we left it, there were still items that needed to be discussed and those haven’t been resolved yet,” Jones said. “Every day that a deal isn’t struck just makes it a little more tense and a little less certain that a deal will be struck.”
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