As the Cavaliers continue their 2017-18 season, Dwyane Wade is offering fans yet another glimpse into his world. An avid Facebook and social media user, Wade has gone back to Facebook again to launch “BackCourt Wade” — a five-part docu-series providing a look into the life of the three-time NBA champion beyond the basketball court. “I’ve enjoyed partnering with Facebook to share some of my off the court moments,” Wade said in a news release. “I hope by sharing some of these candid moments that it helps inspire others to follow their dreams, take risks, challenge yourself to get through life’s obstacles, and take the time to appreciate and enjoy the life you work so hard to build.”
LeBron James reflected on the playoff battles with the Detroit Pistons early in his career at shootaround ahead of the Cavs’ game against Detroit on Monday: “It helped me out with my development, with my mental side of the game as well. Worked my mental toughness, my physical toughness, my competitive nature, going against those teams. Understanding what you need in order to be successful, or how to win, how to compete. They definitely have a chapter in my book.”
13 hours ago via ESPN
LeBron James is a firm believer in foul-line trolling. The Cavs play the Detroit Pistons tonight. Last night, the Pistons led the Minnesota Timberwolves by one point with 6.2 seconds left and Jimmy Butler at the line. In between free throws, Detroit’s Reggie Jackson held up the referee from giving the ball to Butler by pretending to go over defensive coverages. Butler looked at Jackson as if to say, “are you serious,” and then missed the foul shot. “I’ve done it before,” James said. “I won a playoff series before doing that actually. So, I’m all for it.”
LeBron’s people don’t argue with the notion he may leave Cleveland, just not perhaps for a team near you with marketing point man Maverick Carter pooh-poohing the importance of “gigantic market(s) like Boston or Chicago or New York or L.A.” as opposed to winning titles. Not that the Lakers can’t revamp fast enough to field a contender with Bron, Paul George and their young players… but their last official with a time frame that optimistic was Jim Buss.