That’s tops in the league, beating out the Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks. GumGum says logos on NBA uniforms will generate over $350 million in value to companies with jersey sponsorship deals just on social media. The only better placement for an NBA sponsor: on the shoulder opposite the jersey patch where the logo of the league’s uniform provider, Nike, is stitched.
This season in particular, though, contenders such as Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Toronto and even Golden State have yet to make a buyout splash — and they’re all still actively looking. So I’m not sure this qualifies yet as any sort of buyout bonanza. Instinct tells me that we’ve already seen the big rule change in this department; you’ll recall that it wasn’t too long ago that players could be traded and then re-sign with the team that traded them 30 days later. That loophole, fortunately, was closed. But I frankly expected more of a buyout frenzy than we’ve seen because, with the trade deadline being moved up two weeks, buyout season got longer. As the rules currently stand: Any player waived by March 1 becomes playoff-eligible with his next team as long as that player is signed before the last day of the regular season.
Thursday night — the Cavs’ first game since a resounding win against title-contending Oklahoma City — was another lesson, as they lost for the first time since the trade deadline roster shakeup. Typically, the losses have been dotted with defensive breakdowns, late rotations and bad closeouts. Not this time. “I think in the second half (the ball) stopped moving a little bit, but, again you can’t really trust your offense because we don’t really know it that well yet,” Lue admitted following the 110-103 defeat. “That’s what kind of hurt us. When they started switching and not having a lot of options to go to offensively, that kind of hurt us. And when the guys are out there, the new guys, thinking and trying to play, that messes you up too. Because now when you’re getting shots you’re just thinking so much out there on the floor. It’s a learning experience and we gotta keep getting better, keep working on it.”
“We still have to learn the plays,”George Hill said. “Coach Tyronn Lue gave us a small playbook so far but we still got a lot of other plays we need to learn. Just when we’re out there in different situations things may not get to move, the ball is not moving as much as we would like it to. We’re still learning but we’ve got to take it one step at a time. “We’re perfectionists about trying to play the right way and doing things right and trying to be perfect and sometimes it hinders you to slow down. We’ve just got to let the game come to us, but be aggressive at the same time.”