He told Business Insider, for instance, that he spoke with loved ones about his decision to campaign on the trail for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “We discussed how much of a threat I believe Trump to be,” Cuban said in an email. “We discussed why it was important to me to get involved — that if I could have an impact and didn’t try, it would have left me guessing forever.” And, as Cuban said, his family feels “like we started on the right path” to “have a platform and voice for the future.”
Last month, Trump fired a shot at Cuban on Twitter, suggesting he was not “smart enough” to win the presidency — a claim Chris Sacca, the billionaire venture capitalist and “Shark Tank” costar, seemed to disagree with in an email to Business Insider. “Only Mark can speak to his long-term ambitions in politics,” Sacca said. “But unlike Donald, Mark is smart, reads extensively, and is willing to ask others for help and listen to their advice on issues that matter.”
“I have so many private business investments that it would be impossible to sell them,” Cuban told Business Insider. “I would put them in a blind trust but make it clear I would still be available on a limited basis for those companies. It wouldn’t be fair to those companies if I just bailed on them. “I would also be very transparent,” he went on, seeming to take a jab at Trump, who has come under fire from ethics experts who have said Trump has not come close to fully complying with conflicts-of-interest laws and severing his business interests. “Truly transparent about what I was doing. And yes, I would make my returns available.”
Cuban couldn’t resist giving his opinion on Barea’s ejection from the Mavericks’ victory over the Clippers on Thursday night. Barea was called for a flagrant 2 foul for pushing Blake Griffin, a player with a 10-inch height advantage over Barea. “I just feel bad for Blake,” Cuban said. “It’s hard to come back from a knockout like that. We sent flowers to his family, condolences. I can only guess that he’s going to be drinking through a straw for a long, long time.”
After Dallas Mavericks guard J.J. Barea was ejected from Thursday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers for pushing Clippers power forward Blake Griffin, owner Mark Cuban had some fun at Griffin’s expense. “I just feel bad for Blake,” Cuban said prior to Saturday’s game against the Toronto Raptors. “It’s hard to come back from a knockout like that. “We sent flowers to his family — condolences. I can only guess that he’s going to be drinking through a straw for a long, long time, so our thoughts and prayers go out to Blake and his family.”
Storyline: Griffin-Barea Scuffle
Booker became just the sixth player in NBA history to score at least 70 points in a game. It’s an accomplishment that not even the great Michael Jordan was able to achieve. “I didn’t see it, I just heard it this morning,’’ Mavs guard J. J. Barea said. “I’ve got to see what happened, but 70 is 70. “I heard they lost (130-120), so that makes it a little bit (good news/bad news). But 70 is 70, so congrats to him.”