Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut has started following a whole mess of alt-right and alt-right adjacent accounts on Twitter of late, a veritable rogues’ gallery of trolls, the chronically misinformed, thudding men’s right’s activists, and conspiracy mongers that have ridden the Trump train to a bleak sort of insular prominence. And boy did Bogut’s ears perk up on Monday night when a few users pointed out what appears to be his swing towards the 4chan wing of American politics. Bogut, of course, got mad online.
Rondo’s physical gifts are undeniable. His long arms can leave those foolish enough to try grasping for air—like the video of Rondo toying with Trey Burke. But the narrative on Rondo changed from being the “difficult but worth it” type to “problem child” seemingly overnight, and he’s self-aware enough to know exactly where it comes from. Even if you stumble through your words trying to find the right way to phrase the question about his reputation, Rondo sees mercy and helps you out. “We can say it: Rick Carlisle,” he says bluntly. “It was a learning process in itself.”
8 hours ago via SLAM