Tim MacMahon: Harrison Barnes on his limited Team USA role: “It was one of those situations where you have to sacrifice. Obviously when you make the Olympic team, you want to show what you can do on the world’s biggest stage. At the same time, winning gold took precedent. We didn’t want to be the team that either lost the win streak or didn’t come home with the gold. Those are the things that we as a team said we were going to put everything to the side and focus on that, and we came through.”
Storyline: Olympic Games
Mark Cuban: 1) I’m proud of the fact that for each of the companies I sold, I share the proceeds with my employees. I’ve made more than 300 millionaires. 2) Has Trump rewarded any employees when he has succeeded ? All those supposed billions. Has he made a single employee a millionaire? 3) Has Trump offered a single proposal to reduce the friction of starting a business. @HillaryClinton has http://hrc.io/2aohOQU