On the loss of free agent Chandler Parsons: Cuban: “I’m still good friends with Chandler. We talked about it after he signed with Memphis. We exchanged texts and stayed friends and committed to stay friends. I like him a lot but there were other things other than basketball that went into the decision. And Chandler was aware of them and he made his decision. We gave him some options and he went in a different direction. That was his choice and I respect it and again, I think he’s a great guy and I hope he has a great season other than the four games we play him.”
On the NBA’s decision to move the All-Star Game out of Charlotte because of North Carolina’s discriminatory laws towards the LGBTQ community: Cuban: “When it came up I told Adam Silver Dallas is ready, willing and able to host if they decide to move. But honestly I haven’t heard anything back from him on that so most likely it won’t happen. The only top-level thing that I got — and this has been publicly conveyed as well — is that we had so many sponsors saying that they wouldn’t participate if we did have the game (in North Carolina). The All-Star Game is kind of like the NBA’s Super Bowl. That’s where all the parties, all of our advertisers get together. That’s really where we try to connect the players with advertisers, with fans. And if the advertisers and sponsors aren’t going to be there then that doesn’t happen.
Tim MacMahon: The Mavs would have to move some salary to be in the market for a max-contract player next summer if Dirk Nowitzki returns for the second season of his contract. Dallas has $61.1 million in salary committed to players for the 2017-18 season, assuming promising 2015 first-round pick Justin Anderson’s $1.6 million option is picked up. That would leave less than $16 million in space under the projected cap of $102 million if Nowitzki returns to play his 20th season for a $25 million salary. ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that the second season of Nowitzki’s two-year, $50 million deal features a $5 million team option in case the face of the franchise opts to retire.
Storyline: Dirk Nowitzki Free Agency