“It’s a critical situation for many reasons, but a consistent level of success is going to give your players an awful lot of confidence in what you’re doing as a team,” says Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, considered one of the best ATO designers in the NBA. “The way things are evening out in our league, with a finite amount of money that everyone can spend on players, so much is hinging on one or two possessions a game. It’s amazing. Even an ATO drawn up in the first quarter can be the difference between winning and losing a game.”
A source from another NBA team (not the Mavs) tells me that there will be “multiple” clubs willing to pay Noel his max once he hits the restricted-free-agent market on July 1. And just so there is no confusion as to what that “max” is: Assuming the cap at $101 million, as the NBA is expecting, Noel’s contract can start at 25 percent of the cap with eight-percent annual raises. That equals $25.25 mil as his starting salary and about $146.45 million over five years.
The Dallas Mavericks sent scouting department representatives on an Eastern swing this week, sources tell DallasBasketball,com, to observe workouts sponsored by some of the most powerful agencies in the business. The locations: Virginia on Wednesday. New York on Thursday. Chicago on Friday. Of even more importance, among the participants: Kentucky guard Malik Monk, Gonzaga center Zack Collins, Texas center Jarrett Allen, Duke center/forward Harry Giles and UCLA power forward T.J. Leaf
Storyline: Draft Workouts
That’s exactly what Hall of Famer Charles Barkley discussed during his stop on the Cowlishaw & Dennis Show on KESN-FM 103.3 (ESPN Dallas) on Tuesday. As that conversation turned to the habit of many star players forming superteams in today’s NBA, Barkley took the opportunity to praise Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki. “One of the reasons I respect Dirk Nowitzki, can you imagine if Dirk Nowitzki had left the Mavs and kind of cheated his way to a championship? What you people would be saying about him in Dallas?” Barkley asked. “But he hung in there, Mark [Cuban] and Don Nelson put a team together and they won it. And that’s better on your resume than calling all your friends and saying, ‘Hey, let’s get together and dominate the NBA.’ You have to factor that in. Nobody wants to do that anymore.”
Maybe Jeff Schwartz will think it’s nice to have a relationship with certain NBA teams when it comes time to find a home for Ricky Rubio. Up until the last couple days, Rubio, the 26-year-old Minnesota point guard, has been repped by Fegan. His unavailability has sent Rubio across the street to Schwartz, and while I’m not at all predicting this makes for some automatic pipeline of Rubio to Dallas, it is worth adding another log to the fire of what the Mavs want to do at point guard here. The other logs? *The Timberwolves have been dangling Rubio in trade for 18 months. *Their Draft Night plans — draft another point guard in addition to the kid Kris Dunn? — might put Rubio on the market at an even cheaper price.