During the 2016-17 season, I talked with some of the best players in the league about the legacy of Dirk Nowitzki and what it is like suiting up against him. “He has done so much for not only the NBA, not only in Dallas, but his country. From him, to Kob, to Timmy D, to KG (Big Ticket). They had a wave, those guys are legends. They opened the doors for younger guys like myself and other players who are flourishing. The best foreigner to ever play the game. He brought a championship here. He’s done so much for the game of basketball.” – James Harden.
“Extremely difficult. Extremely difficult to play against Dirk. One of the most gifted players to ever come into this league. He changed the game for bigs. He gave us opportunity outside of the box. His legacy speaks for itself. Not only one of the greatest overseas player, but one of the greatest players in general. Huge fan of Dirk. I love a big man skill and he is the prime definition of that. Like I said, his legacy speaks for itself.” – DeMarcus Cousins.
With his future in Dallas clouded with uncertainties, Devin Harris realizes he might have played his last game with the Mavericks. But the veteran guard doesn’t want to listen to his gut to get any signs on whether or not he’ll have to pack his bags and play elsewhere next season. “I tend to not follow my gut, because once you think one thing. . .it’s been pretty spot-on,” Harris said. “Obviously, the first time I left here (in 2008) was very hard.”
With Duncan appearing to still be in great shape, Green speculated the Spurs could sign him to a “Romo deal” should they make the Finals, a reference to the Dallas Mavericks signing newly retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to a one-day contract. “He’s trying to stay in shape,” Green said of Duncan. “He’s still looking like we could sign him. He could come back for Game 6 in the Finals or something like that and collect a ring, if we make it. If we are up in Game 6, three (games) to two, sign him to a Romo deal.”