In your role as the Lakers general manager, what was the toughest cut that you ever had to make? Probably the worst thing that I had to do, and I was almost forced to do it, was trading Nick Van Exel to Denver. He was one of my favorite players of all time, but he obviously wasn’t very happy with me because I would try, from a different position as a GM, to get him to understand that there are just certain things that you have to do in this league in order to survive. I told him that he had to be able to live with his coaches and live with his teammates, but there were just a whole bunch of things that happened that would not allow that to go forward. The thing that I liked about Nick was that he had an unbelievably difficult life growing up. He was so competitive, so it was a really sad day for me when I had to trade him.
13 hours ago via VICE
But there was work getting to this point of contentment. “After the game, just being very honest, very heartfelt when I apologized to them,” Nuggets coach Michael Malone said. “I have to be better for them. One thing I always do is before I assign or cast any blame, I look at myself first. And I think the players respect that. So, I apologized for the whole thing with Blake (Griffin). I apologized (to Emmanuel Mudiay) for jumping him in that manner in a public forum.”