Nuggets head coach Michael Malone said Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is “well on his way to earning his second MVP.” Malone was the Warriors’ lead assistant from 2011-13, and he noted Curry’s dedication and work ethic even back then. “It’s not surprising at all, because of the kind of young man that Steph is and his dedication to the game,” Malone said before Sunday’s game between the Nuggets and Warriors. “You go back a long time ago to Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, and they always came back as improved players. They always added something to their games.
Storyline: MVP Race
After the Nuggets 114-107 loss at the hands of the Phoenix Suns last night, rookie point guard Emmanuel Mudiay offered up his thoughts on the game and what his team’s aspirations were for the season. “I really want to make it to the playoffs this year,” Mudiay said after Phoenix’s comeback win last night. “We’re tied for eighth (in the Western Conference), but we got a real hard schedule coming up with great teams so we gotta lock in, buckle up and play our best defense that we’ve played all season.”