Next, he moves to the 83 steps and sprints up three times.“I’m usually pretty dead by now,” Mr. Harris says. Then he runs the 70 bleacher-style seats as hard as possible twice in a row, with a three-minute recovery in between. The workout ends with climbs up the sides of a set of high planter boxes. Mr. Harris strides up to each and recruits explosive power to attempt to jump onto the top edge of each planter’s wall. “It takes superhuman power,” says. Mr. Harris. “Day One, you think it’s impossible.”
I asked Malone if he felt the need to sit down with Faried and conduct that man-to-man, heart-to-heart conversation about what’s best for the team. “All summer, we had talked about the potential of starting the two bigs together and what that means for Kenneth,” Malone replied. “But I wasn’t positive that we were definitely were going to start that way (with Nurkic at center and Jokic at power forward), so I didn’t want to say something and it not happen. But, obviously, before the season starts, we will have a conversation.”