Pistons to match any offer for KCP?

The Pistons are prepared to match any offer sheet he receives, even if it produced a maximum contract, according to multiple persons with firsthand knowledge of the franchise’s thinking. One person told the Free Press: “We can’t lose him.” It’s fair to question this path. Caldwell-Pope improved in his fourth season with the Pistons, but his performance fell off after the All-Star break. His growth has been tremendous since his rookie season, and there’s confidence he will reach his ceiling.
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“We think KCP is a very, very good young player who has been an important part of our core. He’s 24 years old and still on the upside. Through the All-Star break, he had made some significant gains in the way he played,” Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy said Friday, in the season-ending press conference at The Palace. “He’s a guy we really like and we look forward to his continued development.”