So while Thomas may face a tenuous numbers game, Van Gundy emphasized the flip side to him, that a guaranteed contract isn’t a roster guarantee. “The day I signed my contract, he told me, ‘Hey, I know you’re looking at the roster, at 17 guaranteed guys, and you’re the only non-guaranteed guy or partially guaranteed guy.’ ” Thomas recalled. “He said that anything can change. He said, ‘We’re looking to make some changes soon. We’re not really focused in on who’s on the roster right now. We’re going to let go of maybe some guaranteed guys, or we’re making some changes soon, or trades could be made.’ ”
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Three weeks after Jennings’ second season in Detroit ended Jan. 25 after he suffered a ruptured left Achilles tendon, the Pistons acquired Reggie Jackson in a trade. Then they signed Jackson to a five-year, $80-contract this summer. “Bringing in Reggie Jackson was smart,” Jennings said. “I’m supposed to be out, really, for nine months, and they need a point guard. … “My main thing is just to get healthy. Hey, if I have to come off the bench and be the sixth man or whatever, I’m fine with that. Man, I just want to play basketball again. I just want to get back on the court and have fun.”
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The word was Drummond and the Pistons were progressing toward a deal. With Davis getting max money and Valanciunas’ new deal coming in at a starting salary of $14.38 million, the bar is basically set for a deal, somewhere between the expected $20.5 million Davis should land and what Valanciunas got; the question is, will the Pistons agree to max now or wait a year and match a max offer next summer?
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