The Detroit Pistons start training camp in two weeks. And Reggie Jackson, seeking a bounce-back season after struggling with left knee tendinitis, is on track to be on the floor when the team begins the earnest work of preparing to make the inaugural season at Little Caesars Arena a successful one. Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy told the Free Press on Monday morning that after an examination last week, Jackson has increased basketball activity and will arrive at the practice facility later this week to join teammates.
Storyline: Reggie Jackson Injury
B/R: With the Celtics’ flexibility, there were rumors going into the draft and free agency involving big names to Boston. Did you think it was a possibility they might move you? Avery Bradley: Yeah, I knew it would be a hard decision. I was open to it, though. I knew if I didn’t sign this summer that it was going to be a possibility that I could be moved because it’s beneficial for both parties, you know, for Avery Bradley and the Celtics. At the end of the day, I want to do what’s best for me, and they have to do what’s best for them. They felt like it would be a better opportunity for me somewhere else to give me a chance to not only continue to grow my game but for me to have an opportunity to take care of my family.
B/R: How did you find out? AB: (Pause) I actually think it was a text from my wife. I was actually on the plane going to my friend’s wedding. I had like an hour left in my flight and I’m like, ‘Let me check my phone and make sure my wife and family are OK.’ Because I had an early flight, I left at like 5 a.m. from Austin[, Texas], and I turned it on and my phone went crazy. So, I’m like, ‘Ah man.’ I knew exactly what was going on.
B/R: So, it didn’t hurt a little bit? It didn’t change your perception of loyalty in the NBA? AB: Not from me because you know, I’m eight years in the NBA and it’s the business, man. Anything is possible, anything can happen at any time. … I wasn’t shocked that it happened, you know what I mean? I knew it was a possibility; it was something that we spoke about. Obviously, you can’t read the future and know what team, but I knew I was going somewhere.