Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy gave one of the strongest endorsements yet for Patrick Ewing as the coach for Georgetown. “I cannot imagine that you’re at Georgetown and you do not hire Patrick Ewing,” Van Gundy said before his Pistons met the Knicks at the Garden on Monday. “College basketball, a large part of it is recruiting and Patrick’s got two things there. One, he absolutely loves Georgetown University. Always has, always will. So he can sell the school. The second thing is all these top-level players, the main thing they’re thinking about is getting to the NBA. Well, you’ve got a Hall of Fame coach. All of the best big kids have to consider Georgetown right at the top of the list.”
Rod Beard‏: #Pistons SVG on keeping Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who will be a restricted free agent and could get some huge.. “We only don’t have (KCP) next year if we decide we don’t want him next year. There’s no team out there that can decide they’re going to have KCP next year — it’s on us. “It will be our decision this summer whether he’s in Detroit next year. Other people can want him but they need us to acquiesce if they’re going to have him.”
Storyline: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Free Agency