On this week’s Crossover on CBS Sports, former player Raja Bell lit into the Thunder players, saying it was “inexcusable” that they would fail to come to Westbrook’s defense: “You are supposed to come flying across the court,” Bell said. “You don’t have to punch him, because that’s a lot of money. But he should catch a forearm across his shoulder, a shove in the back, you ain’t gonna knock down Russell Westbrook, the everything to the team I’m playing on, who feeds me, who makes me better, you ain’t gonna do that and just stand over him and ice grill him.”
While the new system isn’t perfect – where’s Russell Westbrook? – it did successfully knock off Pachulia. Earlier this month, Green said his teammate should be mad the format changed. Pachulia doesn’t seem too bothered, though. He made light of it on SportsCenter’s Instagram Story. Pachulia says: “First of all, I’m gonna take the credit and we gonna take the credit as Georgians that we changed the rules, so you guys can call it Zaza rules.”
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