Kevin Durant recently complimented you, saying that you are a “killer” and that you’re the first player he’s seen where he feels like he’s “looking in the mirror.” How does it feel having stars like Durant and others speak so highly of you? Brandon Ingram: It makes me want to continue to try to get better, continue to try to be the best player on the floor every single night and continue to work hard on the floor.
Who are some players that you study and try to learn from? I know this gets asked a lot during the draft process, but I’m always curious who current players are studying. Brandon Ingram: There are a lot of guys around the league, whether they’re smaller players or bigger players. Whether it’s watching Giannis [Antetokounmpo] going to the rim, whether it’s watching KD with his pull-up jumper, whether it’s watching Shaun Livingston with his post work and ability to shoot over guys… I try to watch anyone else who has the size and length to shoot over other guys, like I have. You can take bits and pieces away from watching those guys.