“(Draymond Green) said, ‘What the expletive is your problem?’ Then he said, ‘I have to hear about this expletive on the internet? You didn’t expletive tell me about it.’ “I called him and I said, ‘OK. Alright. Calm down.’ He said, ‘I need his number. I need to talk to him,’ and so I gave it to Draymond. He’s kind of like our team mom, in a way.”
“He didn’t reply, so I called the number and said, ‘Who is this?’ Then he was like, ‘Yo, I FaceTimed you. Hang up right now and FaceTime me right back. Don’t call me,'” Bell said. “I FaceTimed him, and he didn’t answer. I was like, all right. I waited like five seconds, and I called him back FaceTime, and he answered … and we started talking about it. He was like, ‘Enjoy this night, celebrate. it only happens once, but after this time we have to get back to work. We’re trying to get rings over here.”
15 hours ago via ESPN