It sounds almost unreal, however according to reports from the Greek island of Mykonos, US gold medalist Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan have already arrived from Rio, Brazil, to celebrate their success! As you see in the footage, there’s no doubt that Durant and Jordan were filmed in Mykonos partying, still the question is if the date on this video is true. Still their mood is great and you can enjoy the video.
PressPlay isn’t the only tech Curry is leveraging to connect with his fan base, as well as make some extra coin. Earlier this year, he co-founded Slyce, a social media network with a former college teammate and is an investor in CoachUp, another startup that lets parents book private athletic coaches for their kids. And then, there’s “StephMoji,” a collage of emojis and anime for smartphones. Curry is among other NBA All-Stars delving into tech, including Los Angeles Lakers’ legend Kobe Bryant, who is launching a venture capital fund. There’s Carmelo Anthony who also has a VC firm, M7 Tech Partners that invests in early stage digital media, and Chris Paul, who co-created an app called Game Vision that aims to increase court vision awareness. Last month, the NBA players union held a tech summit in San Francisco spearheaded by Curry’s Warriors teammate Andre Iguodala.
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“It was therapy for me after making a big change in my life,” Durant told The Vertical in the bowels of Carioca Arena 1 about an hour after scoring 30 points in Sunday’s 96-66 victory. “It made my life easier … I knew [a backlash] was coming. It was definitely different for me, but to come here in an environment where people accepted me and didn’t care about anything except being my buddy, that’s what I needed.”
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