But other veterans around the league, such as a fellow slender No. 2 overall pick Kevin Durant — a player with whom Brandon Ingram was compared before the draft — have also passed along some wisdom. “[Durant] is always sending me motivational things. Though some things may need to be censored,” Ingram told Yahoo Sports. “He sees a lot in me. He actually told me to block out everything and be the killer that I am. To get a lot of guys around this league that see what I can be, it does nothing but make me want to work harder.”
Kevin Durant kept moving back and forth during the Golden State Warriors’ championship ring ceremony to keep his long legs warm, and also because he was eager to finally get the hardware. “I wanted to stay loose for the game,” Durant said after the Warriors lost the season opener, 122-121, to the Houston Rockets. “But I was excited to get it. It was incredible. You think about your family and how hard it was to get to this point to the NBA. And then to be champions is even harder.
Warriors general manager Bob Myers said that injury scare is often forgotten in talk about Durant’s road to his first championship. He added that he was glad Durant not only got the ring but also lost the pressure of not having one. “I’m glad he’s getting a ring,” Myers said before the game. “He earned it. It would have been sad if he had not gotten one and didn’t check that box. He’s too good of a player. Sometimes great players never get that opportunity. Players in this day and age, I feel like there is such pressure that it has to happen for them. Sometimes it’s not their fault. But to see him obtain that pretty early, I think he has a lot of years left. I’m really happy for him.”
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