Nearly eight days have passed since Kerr spoke those words. Kerr has not had an update on if things have changed. That is because Klay Thompson has spoken very little since then. Following Thursday’s morning shootaround, Thompson maintained has been “not much different at all” even without having his backcourt mate (Stephen Curry) to split the 3-point heaves. “I put the hard work in and guys will follow,” Thompson said. “I’m not a vocal guy. But if I do that by example, people will respect that a lot. I just go out there and play my game like I do every game. I try to be myself and help the team win and just have fun. Nothing should change, regardless of who’s out there. You have to be yourself and do what got you to this point.”
Klay Thompson makes a lot of shots. Thompson willingly defends the opposing team’s backcourt players that often are the roster’s best scorers. And even if Thompson fills the highlight reels with his prolific outside shooting, Thompson prefers to have those sequences speak for itself. “He hardly says anything, but he’s there every night. Defensively and offensively, he competes,” Steve Kerr said. “He’s out there and he’s healthy. It’s an incredible trait to have when your teammates can count on you every single day. In practice, he’s a constant presence. That, in itself, is a form of leadership.”