It’s easy to forget how those close draft-day decisions can be history-changing years later. The Suns thought they were on the verge of acquiring the draft rights to Curry, who grew up in Charlotte and starred for Davidson. Eight years later, Curry is a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player and just celebrated the Warriors’ second NBA championship with him as point guard. Yet Curry was so close to being a Sun, instead. He might well have been had veteran forward-center Amare Stoudemire had healthier knees.
According to one source, the Suns even considered suggesting Curry skip an introductory news conference in Oakland, perhaps to nudge the Warriors to making that trade. Stoudemire did fine after that, making two more All-Star appearances and extending his NBA career with the New York Knicks. The Suns advanced to the Western Conference final in 2010 before losing to the Los Angeles Lakers.
If there’s a great offer somewhere else and you decide to take it, how painful would it be to leave this championship team? JaVale McGee: Oh man, it would be horrible to leave here. This is the best situation I’ve ever been and I love it here. But I definitely have to make the best decision for my family, I guess. And now that everyone is on the McGee bandwagon, I’m sure you know the people that were by your side those tough years, right? JaVale McGee: I definitely see the snakes in the grass, the people trying to jump on the bandwagon now. That was the same people that doubted me from the beginning.
Storyline: JaVale McGee Free Agency
ESPN’s Rachel Nichols asked Carter if he would be willing to take less money to be part of an organization like the Warriors. Here is what Carter said: I’m open for it. I want to win. I want to play. Somewhat what Kevin Durant did, I want to do for my team. I want to go out there and play and provide and show that I can still play this game. It’s a lot going into it. I’m just one to just go to a team and ride the coat tail. You could say how old I am or whatever but I’ve proved I can still play in this league. I don’t want to go sit on the bench.
Storyline: Vince Carter Free Agency