When news surfaced Monday that NFL owners had approved the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas in a 31-1 vote, Kerr felt for the people of Oakland. It is a heartbreak he endured recently when his hometown San Diego Chargers announced that they were moving to Los Angeles. “In my opinion, sports franchises belong to the community,” Kerr said before Golden State’s game Wednesday night against the Spurs at AT&T Center. “I know that’s an incredibly naïve thing to say, but I believe that. I believe sports franchises belong to the community, then I think the owners are sort of guardians, custodians. I think they need to do everything they can to make it work in that community. “Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, so I wouldn’t make a good owner, I guess. Or maybe I’d make a great owner. I don’t know. To me, there should be ways to find investors who can help keep the team around, not necessarily public financing. But again, this is just probably my heart speaking. I just think it’s awful when teams leave a city, leave an area and go elsewhere after so many years of history and connections to generations of fans. It’s really, really sad.”