The Rockets are getting the full Dwight Howard back. The Rockets’ star center said Wednesday he’ll participate in back-to-backs for the first time this season when the team visits the New York Knicks on Sunday and the Detroit Pistons on Monday. Howard hasn’t participated in back-to-backs this season as he has built up his game conditioning. He played in just one preseason game after his back started to tighten. When that occurred, the Rockets elected to bring him along slowly so he could get in game condition.
Lawson seemed fine with the change, hoping that playing more of his minutes with the second unit, rather than with James Harden, will allow him to run the offense more often and be more effective than in his first 14 games with the Rockets. “If I come off the bench, I can have the ball in my hands more and have more opportunity to get in the paint, play my game,” said Lawson, who is averaging just 7.7 points, 31.6 percent shooting, and 4.9 assists. “It’s good for the team, good for me. “Hopefully, this is a transition to getting back to myself, be more aggressive. Hopefully, it’ll be for the best.”
After several days of practices veteran guard Jason Terry described as “a mini training camp” Rockets interim coach J.B. Bickerstaff said his players received the structure and discipline they wanted when he took over. “Our attitude has changed over the past week and a half,” Bickerstaff said. “We’ve taken a more serious approach in what we’re doing. Guys are more disciplined in what we’re doing and they were hungry for that. As a group, we brought them together. That was the first thing they were calling for, some more discipline, more structure and more rules.”