“It’s crazy. We’re so deep,” said Rockets forward Ryan Anderson, who moved from the starting lineup to coming off the bench two weeks ago. “Coach was talking about that. With that, what lineups do you play? There’s going to be some adjustment for that. Everybody can play. Obviously, our new guys, they’re fitting into the system really easily, really well. It’s crazy how much talent we have. This is by far the most talented team I’ve played on.”
The connections run deep, in other words, and the natural question that could be answered on Friday is whether this appearance might be a precursor to his next basketball endeavor: Becoming an owner. Obama’s interest on this front has been acknowledged before, as his then-press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters in June of 2016 that the idea of being part of an ownership group had been “discussed…potentially…under the right circumstances.”
“I think obviously the reason he chose to come, only he would know,” Morey said when asked if he knew Obama’s motivations. “But we’ve spent several years – just like any prominent conference – hoping he would have interest in coming. He is, as far as I understand, someone who…worries about making the best possible decisions and has used data to help enhance his decisions in the past. He’s also a sports fan, also an NBA fan, which our conference obviously has significant coverage of. So I think all of these things factored into him obviously being interested.”
Storyline: Barack Obama NBA Owner?